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    How does piracy sites like NaughtyBlog survive @ google and other services while...

    How does piracy sites like NaughtyBlog survive @ google and other services while my small piracy site with only 1% of the traffic compared to naughtyblog gets taken down for "DMCA" complaints on both google, twitter, tumblr, and whatever other services i use. I do not understand how this works...
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    Trade GOT Webmoney (WMZ) Want Paypal USD

    Hello, I am moving some funds over to paypal, any one interested in trading? I will only trade with someone who is trusted in this community since before. Thanks
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    Depfile + Child Porn, why does no authority act or stop them?

    It's been over a year i've seen several of different websites pop up with a forum that only spreads child porn, they popup using different urls everytime and always depfile as host, i'm 100% convinced that the same guy spreading the child porn is the administrator of depfile. Why doesn't...
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    Selling Great porn sharing site with custom wordpress theme, earning around 700$ a month...

    Hello, Due to lack of time posting updates to this site i have chosen to sell it, it's currently earning around an average of 700$ a month posting filesharing links to hosts such as rapidgator, keep2share etc (no need to post on other sites to get this earning) The amount of work to keep the...
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    Create rar archives with winrar that automatically splits into 2?

    Hi, I'm using winrar to make my archives it works great but i always need to manually check the size of the file and split that in 2 to make sure the file becomes 2 pieces. Is there anyway to use some algorithm that would make it possible to select multiple files and no matter what size the...
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    Buying Bypass Blocked Script | I need access to a real american ISP RDP / VPN

    Hello, I need to bypass a script called "blocked" ( they keep lists of all public proxy / vps / vpn services which makes it impossible to bypass unless you have a private rdp/vps. Anyone offering such solutions? I will only need around 1 session per month for about 20 minutes...
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    Looking for SEO advice.

    I started a site a year ago and it was growing rapidly in the beginning, i didn't post any links or spam stuff anywhere else so site is fine with google blacklist. I do think however i was targeted by a blackhat who used my rss feed to rip all my content then put adlinks on each link and somehow...
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    A way to change rar/zip hash in bulk?

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to change the hash of rar/zip archives in bulk, they are also password protected (same password for all files). I've seen that other users add txt files to pad the file and therefor change the hash, is there a working script out there that anyone know about or are...
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    Forumophilia invite anyone?

    Hello! I'm looking for a forumophilia invite, anyone got one of those laying around? I have invite to torrentday if interested, thank you very much!
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    Looking to switch hosts, What about Upstore/Nitroflare?`

    Hi, I'm looking for a host that gives the ability to premium files, and also don't let premium users download more then 20-40 gb per day. Anyone know the rules on nitroflare/upstore? they never write out the download cap per day for premium users, anyone know if there's any?
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    [Buying] Logo & Watermark design for Adult Website | 50$ > Bitcoin or Webmoney

    Looking for a designer to design a logo and a watermark for a adult website, prefer if it was made in adobe illustrator and source was given too so i can use it later if i have to change something, PM for details, thanks.
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    [Buying] Adult Website Logo, up to 50$, payment bitcoin or webmoney

    posted in wrong forum, remove thread!
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    Optimize seo on wordpress for filesharing purpose

    I've ran into issues with wordpress and SEO. I run a adult fileshare website as a hobby project and i've noticed that google barely index anything anymore even though the site has been getting more and more popular. I've seen that other sites that rip my posts over rss feeds rank higher then...
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    Buying Bitcoins With Webmoney?

    Hi, What is the best way to go about buying bitcoins with webmoney? Anyone have any experience with this? Would be very thankful if someone could help me.
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    Buying PHP Coder with Wordpress knowledge and a little sql, quick and easy job

    Need someone to make a few simple (i think) changes to a small free wordpress plugin that contains less than 250 rows of code, it should be rather easy for someone with the knowledge required, a quick job. Can pay using webmoney or whatever other (except paypal) PM me for details...
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    Want to buy link encrypter like wcrypt , anyone got anything or ideas?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a script which gives me the ability to easily replace old links with new links without having to edit the original link in the post (like wcrypt) Protection from DMCA bots would be cool but not 100% necessary, it would be a nice addition, but being able to replace all my...
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    Hiring Regex Expert needed for custom wordpress/php/sql coding to replace links

    Hello, I'm looking to hire a regex expert with good knowledge of php, mysql and wordpress. What i'm looking to do: Make a plugin for wordpress 3.9.x that can replace content in post content based on a criteria of information. Lets say i want to get rid of "" i want to be able...
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    Google now taking HTTPS into account when ranking sites....

    My follow up question to the topic would be, is it possible to register a ssl certificate with anonymous information? Many sites out there use anon services to hide the whois information of person behind a website, but if you can't hide whois on the ssl certificate what's the point of hiding on...
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    CSS Font issues on different devices

    Hi, I'm by no stretch of the imagination educated in the field but i'm trying to understand why fonts that are supposed to be "web safe" are being rendered differently on different devices. On my main machine the Impact font i'm using looks beautiful, but on another windows machine (windows...
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    New here... well lurked for awhile but ya registered..

    Hi i'm newly registered, trying to get through the dirty grind to post in your other sections. I've been in the web hosting industry for quiet awhile running stuff from home on my fiber optics connection, happy to meet all of you :)
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