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  1. worlockt

    Search system not systematic

    I am trying to search something come up with this result: For eg.: It should show in descending order. A proper fix will be better.
  2. worlockt

    [BUG] Why am i seeing this ?

    This post deleted by Rox, so why visible to me. is this normal forgot to move trash.
  3. worlockt

    [LATEST] New filehosting currency and earning platform - in developing

    Hi, Kim Dotcom ( Megaupload / owner ) is now planning to launch new site ( under developing ) where will pay affiliate by new crypto which will be for filehost uploader and for payee. This will provide complete anonymous. This will be best GIFT for Hollywood houses :P...
  4. worlockt

    Looking for GST based custom tax software

    Hi, We are looking for someone who can develop invoicing software as per new GST (India ) based for us. We will be sharing our old platform and also looking new modification. Drop me PM if you can and need to discuss. Thanks
  5. worlockt

    What should be PC configuration ?

    Hi Guys, I am thinking to buy a new CPU for my browsing thrust. Here is my daily usage: Windows 10 Pro 7-8 chrome web page active. All basics application installed on machine. 2 IM ( skype+1) I do use daily around 14hrs continuous usage in a non-ac room temp. around 41° ( in summer ). What...
  6. worlockt

    Trade Accept Paypal Give WebMoney, BTC, Neteller, Skrill, Payza, PM, Paxum

    Hi to all, I was receiving many queries from my clients to accept paypal which i previously never preferred.But now i am just starting to accept this. Conditions: 1) Paypal MUST be verified. No msg if it is not. 2) I prefer balance payment not load by cc. 3) You need to send fund as gift /...
  7. worlockt

    Which country you belong ?

    Hi, I want to know which continent have majority on this forum. Actually I am planning to have wind free vacation for Europe and will like to meet WJ members. So if you introduce me your location we can have hangout otherwise still we know which region have strength on this forum. Lets...
  8. worlockt

    Sell-Bookmyshow, Flipkart, Amazon, Indigo, Dominos, Pizza Hut and others voucher

    Hi, I can provide e-voucher for mentioned denomination by any of these e-currency. => Accept BTC, Webmoney, Payza, Skrill, Neteller. DO NOT ASK ME PAYPAL. => All e-voucher will be in INR only, So will work with Indian store. => Please read carefully e-voucher store guideline...
  9. worlockt

    Software coder help

    Hello, I do have a custom made software, which i built for my personal use. Now the issue is somebody cracked my software and get my ftp details where is store my encrypted password. I want somebody who can check my software , crack it and get inside as that person did.So that we can shut...
  10. worlockt

    Buying Hosting / Virtual Products Sites

    Hello, If you have complete site with WHMCS enable or with payment module,Products as title ( legal ), I would like to buy whole site. Off course you want to sell and i need it at cheap price. :-= PM me price and link. Thanks
  11. worlockt

    WebMoney Wiki

    I found many user have queries related WebMoney function, So i thought to give a quick and short details for daily usage.Also you may get detailed information at WebMoney Wiki . => What is WebMoney ? WebMoney Transfer commonly known as WebMoney is a global settlement system and environment...
  12. worlockt

    Trade [Buy or Sell] Webmoney Payza Bitcoin Skrill Paypal Neteller PM Bank Transfer Exchange

    Hi Guys, I am here to present myself for your Exchange service trade/ Buy/ Sell on best possible rate. I can pay by Paypal, Payza, Indian Bank, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, PM ( Perfect Money ). I can accept Skrill, Payza, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Neteller, PM, Bank...
  13. worlockt

    Buying Adult Blog

    I'm interested buying an adult blog.. Must have some decent traffic. My budget: 30-50$ Payment: Paypal,wmz Post here or PM if you have something for sale.
  14. worlockt

    Hiring SEO Service Expert

    Hello, I heard that SEO ( whitehat ) is not a one time job.This is what we keep on rolling. 1) I wish to know monthly how much amount is enough to spend on SEO and suggest some good companies or person who can do this seriously. 2) Usually how much time it require to get result?
  15. worlockt

    Warez-BB infected by malware

    Hello, i tried to open site today morning on Mozilla and shocked, It was showing me "Reported Attack Page". Reported Attack Page. This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences...
  16. worlockt

    Hiring Looking for Wordpress Expert

    Hello, I need a wordpress expert to figure our my blog with some plugin help. Just trying to setup a porn blog, need some plugin help. If you can help, please drop me your PM with chat id ( MSN/Y )
  17. worlockt

    Hiring DVD download and burn job

    Hello, I have some content download links.Total DVD will be for that 36 DVDs. I will provide you links, You need to download and burn them on DVDs.After burn, deliver by some courier on my address.I am from India. DVD size: ~211GB If you can do this, Let me know:- 1) How much time you need...
  18. worlockt

    suggest me this

    Hello, Please suggest me a best one video joiner which gives best output with minimum time. Also a good one thumbnail maker. Thanks
  19. worlockt

    How to join videos online

    Hello, I have some movies but in 4-5 parts on my server.Each part in wmv or mpeg format. Is there some way we can join them by any script. I can do just by download and some joiner software but in this case have to upload back in full movie format. So i am looking a solution which can join all...
  20. worlockt

    How do you withdraw your affiliate money

    Hello, I am from India, and first time received affiliate money in paypal. It is asking me to enter reason for withdraw.I am confused here.What reson should i provide to them? Also is indian webmaster still prefer paypal for affiliate money or something else ?
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