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  1. CYCX

    ( Question ) How to make website url ww1 or ww2

    Hello, I'm looking for tutorial of how to make my website domain like this ( I search online and did not find any tutorial. Thanks in advance for the help :) I'm using cloudflare and shared hosting server.
  2. CYCX

    I need help. My website is 11 months under DDOs attack

    Hello, I need help. My website is getting hit by big layer 7 DDOs and no and one can mitigate?. I tried many hosting company but they failed to protect my website. The attacker is targeting the DNS so moving to another new server IP is useless. Its been 11 months and until now i'm looking for...
  3. CYCX

    [Ask] Anyone knows what Ddos protection is this?

    Hello, Anyone knows what Ddos protection on this domain? openloadmovies(dot)net My website is under Ddos attack (layer 7) I hope someone will help me. I really need protection like this. Thank You.
  4. CYCX

    What is best offshore hosting with good DDOS protection?

    Hello, I need help. my website is down for about 4-5 months because of DDOS attack. Layer 7 attack I tried many hosting with DDOS protection but they can't mitigate the attack. The attack is multiple random search from different IP's or http get request. I've lost everything, SEO rank , my...
  5. CYCX

    Warning to all Google Drive User on their piracy websites!

    Hello, My account on google drive unlimited storage has been disabled by google. I'm using this account for Movies and TV shows Streaming and I'm using Google Drive Player Script to Hide the link. All of my uploaded files on Google Drive still working but the account is not accessible anymore.
  6. CYCX

    How to get ipv6 on VPS?

    Hello Guys, I need your help about ipv6. I'm using google drive player script. from juiccodes. and it need ipv6 to work the player. My problem is i don't know how to get ipv6 on my server. I already open a ticket about this but still no reply. they reply fast on other concerns but about this...
  7. CYCX

    Negative Stay away from hosting

    Hello Guys, I want to share my bad experience on this hosting company called They scam me. i waited my vps for 48hours! after a day they mark my order as fraud and they did not refund my money. worst! likebox is scammer! After you paid to their service they ignore you. every ticket I...
  8. CYCX

    Always getting Server error on Webmaster Tools

    Hi, my website is hosted on Knownsrv and I'm getting a lot of Server error. The problem is the hosting or the webmaster tools? I contact them about the issue but only reply : "There is no issues on our end"
  9. CYCX

    Any Mgid alternatives?

    Hi, I'm looking for Good ad network to monetize my website. (movie niche) Mgid Rejected my website because they said that in their new policy streaming and downloading website is not allowed. but i see some popular website using mgid, like 123movies,fmovies,kissanime and many more. can you...
  10. CYCX

    Please Share Google Drive Script

    Hi, I'm looking for Google Drive Script. I know the script is not free. Someone is selling on buy and sell section. I can't afford to buy right now because my website is new and i don't have funds to pay for the script. I hope Someone can share this for free.This is for everyone looking for...
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