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    Review: a google drive video player

    Hello all: After a few months of success on our main website and helping thousands of users deliver limited google drive files on direct download links , we start our new sister site made for google drive video files. We are an online video player for google video files...
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    LYNDER : Free premium courses downloader

    Hello all: I am glad to introduce to you, We are providing full access to all lynda courses for free. All courses will be provided on direct download links. It simple but function-able. Please review it. Our website URL is: LYNDER
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    New links location hidden service

    HideMe.Host We are glad to introduce our new links location hidden service. Our service is made for files sharing website's owner those who upload their own files on direct links and they are suffered from DMCA reports and Bots traffics. We only work with direct links files (We accept no html...
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    How UKRAINIAN hosting providers deal with DMCA?

    Hello all: I would like to know how Ukrainian hosting providers deal with DMCA reports, does they ignore them completely or not. Also how about the peering between Europe and USA? is it good enough? Thanks.
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    Which video host is better for visitors?

    Hello all: I would like to know which video host is better for visitors nowaday. My requirement is: Fast stream , multi incoding to many frames, less popups and if they ignore copyright then this will be great. I don't care if they pay low or if they don't pay at all. all i care is to host...
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    Other 25 Windows RDP

    Hello: I would like to have 25 Windows RDP service. No big space required 1 GB is more than enough. I will use these RDP to run a tool that open 10 youtube videos threads. The RDP will browse youtube videos 24 hours a day using my own private proxies , nothing else I am looking for most...
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    request for more ideas on free multi forums and blogs host

    Hello every one: We are thinking about opening a new forums or blogs hosting service. We will start with one of theme for now. We will go with Mybb if we choose to go with multi forum host and wordpress if we choose to go with multiblog host. we want to collect ideas and needs from webmasters...
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    Review: - 100% adsense revenue share

    Do you love to make profit from adsense but you don't have website? Do you love to make money from adsense but you don't have content? Do you want to make money from adsense using other peoples work? then i introduce to you a new site which have the same features like digg and reddit. BUT...
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    Selling Great domain with great idea

    Today i am selling a domain that have agreat idea and features: Domain name: Share the Web with 100% Adsense Revenue Share | Only Bookmarks The site is work like digg website, the User have the ability to submit link or post. Every time a user submit a new post they are able to display their...
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    Do you love to see a new free forum hosting

    Hello: I am thinking to make a new free forum hosting site. with the ability to place your own ads and using your own premium domain. Also you can edit the template used own your forum according to your need. Also i can help user transfer their own forum to our free forum hosting. I will...
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    How to protect my idea from stealing?

    Hello every one: I have an idea for a new 2 websites that work together. The first website will provide a free service to his members while i use the second site to get profit from the first site. The problem now is i will hire some developer to make those sites, but how can i be sure that...
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    Selling OTnewz Pligg Theme license Hello: I would like to sell my OTnewz Pligg Theme license which i bought for a project but i decide not to continue doing that project. And here is more details about this theme: OTnewz is a premium, responsive Pligg theme...
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    How much ram do i need for a files storage server?

    Hello: I am planning to rent a low end boxes with low memory (512 MB) and large Hard disk space (250 GB). These Box will just store files and act as a multi servers balance for my videos and mp3 files. There will be no mysql server or mail server, i will just install gwan server (According to...
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    Best host keep copyrighted materials for long time

    Hello: I am looking for a host that keep copyrighted materials for long time and doesn't act very fast when he receive DMCA report. Also if it is support FTP upload then this will be great. P.S: I am not looking for earning program or some thing, i just need the best host with good download...
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    I need advice: Ecatel vs Leaseweb?

    Hello: The title say it all. I need to have a provider in NL, there for i need to have your review about those datacenter, i am also open mind for other datacenter in NL if they are good enough. Thanks.
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    New Dropbox alternative with more than 15 GB space

    hello: Today i cam a cross dropxbox like site with great space. They give you free 15 Gb. They have great referral system, every one sign by your referral link will have an extra 5 GB and they will give you an extra 5 GB.
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    Unlitmited Hosting needed!

    hello: I need a hosts that let me upload unlimited data with unlimited bandwidth, or at least 500 gb data with unlimited bandwidth. I will use that hosts a s a CDN server and spread my data all over places, which mean i will not upload any php files or scripts on that server only statics...
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    Youtube clone site

    I have an idea to make a youtube clone site (Video share website). Of course it should have a unique design, but i need all functionality of youtube. Play-list, smart videos detection, multi video format trans-coding, video editor ...etc. I need to know an estimated a mount of money it should...
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    I need a partner

    hello: I have a great domain name, this domain is very suitable for a service provided only by not more than 10 sites all over the internet. I have no coding and designing skill, there for i need a very good coder with also a very good knowledge on design to code and design the required...
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    How to test vps performance?

    Hi: There is an issue which we all face, which is how to test vps performance and how to know if the server is oversold. Espicialy these days with 128 GB ram server sharing the same processor and hard drives. I have a vps with xxxxxxx provider, and the network is fast and amazing but i am...
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