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  1. D4rk DeMoN

    Review: DELETED

  2. D4rk DeMoN

    Softarchive (SAnet) changed domain to

    Softarchive changed domain to after they lost their domain .cd Please help others to found site, share info about new domain. HOMEPAGE: If you still have issues check: Regards!
  3. D4rk DeMoN

    Review: Dedicated just for Windows Applications. Your suggestions and feedback are very important!
  4. D4rk DeMoN

    [Request] Simple Theme - Multifunctions

    Hi WJ folks, I am looking for a simple theme for wordpress and I want to use it for my site, warez-blog and I just want it to be simple and perfect. Here is a fast project/photo how I need it: (Any Ideas or suggestions, please ... ?) PS: I know are million themes on net like the one I need...
  5. D4rk DeMoN

    Edited, Please Delete it.

  6. D4rk DeMoN

    Review: IcerBX

    Hello Everyone, Feel free to check my new site and leave your comments here. Is new site, I opened it yesterday (5/3) and it will be focused on warez, posting new releases and for the moment as I am alone posting, will be just for softwares, after I think to add more categories...
  7. D4rk DeMoN

    [Help] I want to open my blog on softarchive !

    Hi to all. I need your help, because I am registred on softarchive since 2010 and now I decide to start my blog there. I know how to post and everything, because I posted before there, but now I want my own blog. Here you can find my account where you can add some +rep...
  8. D4rk DeMoN

    WordPress [Help] How to add Filehost taggs in ....

    I want to add those taggs to my site/wordpress but I don't know if that is a plugin or ... ? Can anyone help me please? I put and the photo for example, to the black circles you can see what I am looking for, taggs of filehosts (uploaded, rapidgator) or to the other example is P2P release or...
  9. D4rk DeMoN

    Hi to all. :) I would like share with you "our" site: Is mostly focused on bringing new releases from p2p scene and is a warez-blog. We are just in the beggin, so don't except anything amaizing .. just we should work hard to create something for the future. If anyone is interesed to...
  10. D4rk DeMoN


    Hi all. I would liked to know your comments about a new site: (Remember, pass only one week since it's created and I know needed to much work to do.
  11. D4rk DeMoN

    Warez-BB Unofficial Thread

    One of the biggest warez website on the net, warez-bb is down for almost 37 hours now. These are really worrying signs for millions of people who were downloading movies, music, software from it as warez-bb was huge in size and content.Its difficult to comment why warez-bb is down right now and...
  12. D4rk DeMoN

    Review: YiFyMovie.Com

    Another Site Opened to Bring you lasted movies from Yify team. YiFyMovie.Com
  13. D4rk DeMoN


    Im not admin, but im part of page. Admin Its MARS Its new and this its just begin. I know needed hard hard work. Anyway this is the page: Thnx Wjunction for this space to post our sites. :) Its a good start for every site to post here a topic. :)
  14. D4rk DeMoN

    D4rk Here

    Glad to be part of this great forum. Im D4rk DeMoN
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