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    Idea for a music site name?

    Hello. I want to launch a site for music, from 30hrs maybe i try to find normal name for the site, as I wish there was music in the name, but let's say it's not obligatory, but it would be nice. I want to be .com Any idea for free good domain ? :kissing_heart: Also if you have idea for good...
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    Good source for adult magazines?

    Hello. I want to start blog for adult magazines.. Any idea for good source.. for videos many torrent sites and etc but can`t find good place for magazines. Thank you.
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    Any advice for wordpress theme?

    Hello, I want to start site for adult images.. can you give me any good theme for pictures.. Thank you.
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    Give me advice for wordpres theme

    Hello. I want to start wordpress site for music albums. Can you give me advice for good theme? Thank you.
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    File host with unlimited and lifetime storage

    Hello, is there any good filehost which offer unlimited and lifetime storage with good PPS ?
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    Many posts in my blog not indexed by google why?

    Hello, I have 3 years old blog and i have around 13k posts in my blog. I remember in first year i have around 7-8k posts and google indexed around 6k now after 3 years i have 13k posts and google index 3.5k.. why is that? Why mo posts increase and google not index my posts. I try couple...
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    What is the name of that song? Reward 2$

    Hello, i try to find the name of this song from long time ago but still no results.. I heard it in a store and record it with the phone.. the quality is not very good. If someone tell me name of the song i will reward him with 2$ in webmoney.
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    safety to use cloudflare?

    Hello. I have adult blog and i wonder is it safety to activate cloudflare for this blog..
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    i need plugins for social networks

    Hello.. i need working plugins for social networks(google+, twiter and etc) What i want is when i post in my wordpress blog i want post to be posted auto in all social networks which is possible and generate any traffic) i`m new in wordpress and need help. Thank you.
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    question for many post per day in wordpress

    Hello. I have one question. If i open brand new blog wordpress and if i post 200 times per day is that ok with google? I don`t want my site to be banned so many post per day in my blog is a problem or not? Also many post per day will help me in better trafiic ?
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    1 filehost or mirrors

    I wonder something.. i will open new site.. i aways use one filehost because i believe this generate more sales.. Now i want to ask.. what about if i add 3-4 mirrors? Is this will increase my traffic or mirrors not so important for traffic in my new site. What is best way to generate fast 400...
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    Forum or Blog

    Hello. I need from your advice. 1)I want to start porn site: the questions is blog or forum and here is the problem. Ok i understand if i open personal blog and post content i will get some traffic. But what about if i start forum ? Will be stupid to post only me in this forum :) so the...
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    I need free and good 2 or 3 columns wordpress theme

    Hey.. i wan to start new adult blog and i looking for 2 or 3 columns wordpress theme.. I prefer something clear and simple
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    My traffic so low :(

    Hello webmasters... I create before 3 weeks my blog for games.. i post almost 400 games include TOP new games for downloading.. i post 3 host for mirrors this is good for downloaders i have seo on site, but my traffic is so low around 10 unique per day.. i can`t understand where is the...
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    Hello, i`m glad to find this great place. :sun:
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