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    Install Windows Server 2016 in Hetzner Dedicated!

    I can help you with that
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    Selling themaPoster - multi-poster, reply / create threads, schedule, lots of automation...

    Any plans on supporting flarum and discourse on themaPoster? And can themaCteator do TV season packs?
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    Selling Email List of members of a Warez Forum

    I have admin access to a forum so I grabbed the email list of all the members, 100k+ emails. I am willing to sell the list + make it possible to send the email from the official domain from the backend to all users promoting your site or you can use the list to send emails later. As Warez forum...
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    Selling domain + XVideoSharing License + XVideoSharing template for sell

    Alexa is not a trusted source of information. Please show us real analytics
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    Selling SOLD.

    Looks like you didn't find any uploaders for you and you weren't willing to do the work yourself. Either way, that domain is not worth the price you are asking. Maybe someone who is willing to put it to work shows up. Good luck
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    Need management

    He's probably looking for a sysop for his server who manages everhthing. Install scripts, updates, backups and make sure it doesn't go down. If that is correct then I can do that for you
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    Ubot Studio X

    If he's got weed (loads of OG) I'll take him home
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    Selling 2 site sell full backstage Domain+site script rank 128k/ 400k

    I still wouldn't jump on it and it's definitely not worth it. I have been selling and buying domains for a while now and in my estimate dx-tv is worth about $100 and wwe2day is worth nothing. According to estibot which is considered the best domain valuation tool, dx-tv is worth $200 and...
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    Selling 2 site sell full backstage Domain+site script rank 128k/ 400k

    Why do you think those sites are worth $4K? the first domain has a hyphen and second has a numeric character
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    Website Sale

    I think you need ten posts and then you'll have to use the contact page because of that's what I had to do
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    Review : Offshore DMCA Ignored WebHosting, VDS Services - RevenueServer

    Hmm, I see now. Lying about things is definitely not professional. I take what I said back. @Oldky hope you win the dispute
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    Review : Offshore DMCA Ignored WebHosting, VDS Services - RevenueServer

    Contabo isn't that bad. I have had their VOS for 2 years and never had any issue
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    Review : Offshore DMCA Ignored WebHosting, VDS Services - RevenueServer

    Agreed that he doesn't speak fluent English, that doesn't make him amateur or unprofessional. He found a malware on his server and he had no choice but to restore backups. As compensation he should add 4 extra days to everyone's plan on that node or a week of he's being generous. There's no...
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    Buying need to buy movies set ( more than 1000 movies )

    I have 20k+ movies (not counting 4K and Remux) That is what my library looks like
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    which hosting should i choose for this kind of website ?

    Shared is fine to start but if it gets a lot of traffic, move to a VPS. I can offer you a shared hosting if you need to start
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    RapidVideo - 1080p HD | Multiquality | Fast encodings | Fast Speed

    Try reading how bitcoin works. There are no refunds on bitcoins as it is a decentralized currency. So if you add wrong BTC address, it's your fault
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    want to make banner for my office use

    Don't bother doing work for him. He will waste your time because he doesn't know what he wants and at the end, he will start ignoring you when it comes to paying.
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    Selling Auction

    I'm with sniffdog on this one. That domain is worth nothing
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