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  1. Turco - $30 per 10k Views - Fast Encoding and Streaming | Official Support

    Always super fast payment thank you
  2. Turco | New Generation of Video Hosting

    Damn, you haven't paid in a long time. Now the minimum payment is 50 dollars! Damn, damn nobody is trusted !!! :rage:
  3. Turco

    New Social Networking Website just WoW

    You're all crazy. you can buy it here and do the same
  4. Turco - Bug free and fast | UPTO $45/10k views as launch bonus. (Double payment)

    - Minimum payment increased from $ 5 to $ 20. -10k video count is $ 1. - Video to pay money, views time extended. They all mean something. This site is not used! I know you'il make a close soon. It's stupid to use you.
  5. Turco - $30 per 10k Views - Fast Encoding and Streaming | Official Support

    Hello man; I want to thank you. I've used a lot of video upload sites. You're the fastest payer. I hope you don't close like the others. I have a request from you. Please solve this problem. I am taking too many complaints. Because video streaming is very slow. Take care of this...
  6. Turco

    Clickaine: Buy/Sell your Adult Traffic with Bitcoin!

    Thanks for payment super fast :thumbsup:
  7. Turco | DMCA Ignored | HLS Over-Air - Up to $30/10k - Long term with stability

    Clipwatching also has the same problem. Views are not paid. Statistics are wrong. There is a software problem. Stop deceiving people
  8. Turco

    VeryStream Discussion

    He made the payment.
  9. Turco


    Oh my God. I'm surprised. :astonished: Thanjs for payment.:thumbsup:
  10. Turco | 360p,480p,720p,1080p | HLS | API | Subtitles | Torrent | Daily Payouts | 35$/10k

    Jetload has always made payments, the users constantly increases, they are working hard. Hopefully, one day they won't close like the others.
  11. Turco

    VeryStream Discussion same but pays
  12. Turco


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