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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome on board!
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    How to SEO your Site - An Introduction

    This is still getting a lot of engagement and comments, but it is an old post, so it would be better to update it
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    Facebook page

    Post in related topic groups and write content. At the same time you will be noticed and market your fan page. So anyone interested in this topic will be able to follow it. On the good side, you will be able to attract only engaging users interested in your topic.
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    Need management

    Well, you could look up for different offers but I suggest you to pick the one that suits your needs and resources the best
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    which social network is most effective?

    I think Twitter and Facebook can do a really great ranking, of course if you want a larger reach, you may need to pay for ads, but it really works well.
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    google adwords or yahoo

    Google Adwords it is. It is easy to use, more popular, many companies as I read somewhere are using Google Adwords.
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    Free VPN

    For how long is it free? I cannot find that information on their page
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    facebook or google plus

    I think Facebook is more popular than Google Plus right now and works better for networking business
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    StumbleUpon or Pinterest?

    I would choose Pinterest if I had to pick one, it is simple and easy to use
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    Operating System

    Recently started using Windows 7 x64 on my home laptop
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    What´s your favorite social networks?

    I like Facebook, lately I've been loving Twitter too, sometimes I look at Instagram but not too much. Now my number 1 is Twitter and then Facebook
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    Give me advice for wordpres theme You need something like this?
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    Do you use torrents?

    Trying to avoid it for the past couple years.
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    Need a VPS As far as I can see, only Hostinger accepts bitcoin from these sites. Even thought they have custom panel instead of the cpanel, price they offer is really good so it will be perfect for one site.
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    VPS or Shared hosting ?

    For a small blog, VPS is just too much effort. Use shared hosting as it's easy and you have php, sql, apache and everything preinstalled
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    Move emails from google to cPanel you can use this thread for help!
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    which is the best operating system?

    only linux..
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    Do you use torrents?

    nah, plenty of other places to get anything from, paying doesnt bother me
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    Any Kind of Website Development Services

    Do you have any demo websites you made?
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    Best Movie Ever watched?

    It would have to be endgame..
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