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  1. Hyperz

    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    Glad to see it's finally live. This is much better than the previous theme. GJ to everyone involved. :thumbsup:
  2. Hyperz

    How to create separate archive for sub folder?

    Ah, yeah forgot to add quotes to this line: "%rar_executable%" a -r -ep1 "%%F\%%~nxS.rar" "%%S" That should make it work with spaces in the path.
  3. Hyperz

    How to create separate archive for sub folder?

    This probably belongs in the development forum. Anyway, save the script below as a *.bat file, edit the root folder (containing your "main folders") and Rar.exe paths if needed, and run it: @ECHO OFF REM === CONFIG === SET rar_executable=C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe SET...
  4. Hyperz

    Decrypt js code.

    That's not encryption. That's obfuscation. And yes it's possible to de-obfuscate obfuscated code. But that can be very tedious and time consuming depending on the method used, the code, etc if it has to be done manually. Where does that snippet come from? What's the full JS?
  5. Hyperz

    Help me edit this blogspot theme

    Open "Animag - Template.xml" in Notepad++ or something and you'll see a few JS variables starting at line # 924: var numposts = 8; var numposts2 = 0; var numposts3 = 0; var showpostthumbnails = true; var showpostthumbnails2 = true; var displaymore = true; var displaymore2 = true; var...
  6. Hyperz

    My website is cloned and live updated. How to stop?

    Hate to say it but you're never going to stop or prevent or stop someone from scraping your site. It's trivial to rotate through 100s of proxies without paying a cent. And the cloudflare page does NOT stop bots, nor is it intended to stop bots. If you turn it on while you aren't actually under...
  7. Hyperz - Video/MP3/Image/File - Up to 40$/10k - Unlimited Speed - No Premium Acc

    Nope it's the same for everything. Also no fees AFAIK, though keep in mind as crypto prices fluctuate you might end up with a bit more or less than what you requested if/when you sell the crypto for fiat.
  8. Hyperz - extra rewards | torrent | daily payouts | bonuses | anti-adblock

    File cloning, as in attaching an existing file to your account, should be one of the easier ones to add considering it's just a db query. I'm kind of surprised it wasn't in the first part of the API since it's one of the best ways to gain more exposure for existing files. Not to mention the...
  9. Hyperz

    Embed Adult Videos & Earn Money

    Edit: nvm we spoke on Discord. Friendly person.
  10. Hyperz

    Embed Adult Videos & Earn Money

    There is no clean way of getting Openload video duration that I know of and the thumbnails they provide are usually really bad. I think asking the user to provide a thumbnail is the best way to go. However, as I said, you should consider asking for a URL to the thumbnail. This doesn't mean you...
  11. Hyperz

    Embed Adult Videos & Earn Money

    @Rejith R couple of minor suggestions regarding the video submission form if you don't mind: Instead of requiring the full embed HTML code you should really consider asking for just the embed URL instead. Accepting user provided HTML and displaying it is really bad from a security point of view...
  12. Hyperz

    DDoC: Distributed Denial of Copyright - How to Fight an Armada of DMCA Bots

    That's called rate limiting and is easily defeated by spreading the workload over multiple IPs/proxies.
  13. Hyperz

    Website for User-Uploads (embed)

    You're not wrong. This is especially the case for adult content. It's also getting worse. If you're after max profit you'll have to build and rely on your own traffic. Submitting it to third party sites is significantly less profitable for obvious reasons and rather unreliable since you don't...
  14. Hyperz - extra rewards | torrent | daily payouts | bonuses | anti-adblock

    @Eugene Vidoza any update regarding an API? I had a look the other day and was surprised to see that after 6 months or so it's still not available. Nowadays it's a pretty important feature.
  15. Hyperz

    Primewire is back

    Had a look at the site and it's nice to see you actually provide an API for submissions. No sane human does this kind of stuff manually anymore. It's just not worth it. That said, your API is a bit PHP centric. By that I mean stuff like: /api/v1/submit_link?key=[your...
  16. Hyperz

    Good luck with new domain:

    It's correct. There were problems with the .com but they have been resolved it looks like. The .net is a backup domain.
  17. Hyperz

    VidUP Discussion

    No. Stop using them. The fact that they didn't count rewards while the site was in maintenance mode while still profiting from videos alone makes them a scam. Nevermind the fact that they haven't paid in months. Stop using them. Plenty of alternatives out there that provide a better experience...
  18. Hyperz

    WJ should get an official Discord server.

    No problem. Oh almost forgot. Pinging @K3V - I've added the ninja emote just for you.
  19. Hyperz

    WJ should get an official Discord server.

    Well, we don't know if it's gone or what's up with it. because the people that do know don't seem to care enough to inform us. Some of us have been around here for a decade. WJ suddenly going down means losing all contact with people you've known for a really long time. This is one of the...
  20. Hyperz

    WJ should get an official Discord server.

    Considering the state of this WJ these days I've set up an unofficial Discord server anyway: If you are active here and want to keep in touch with the community even when the site is down I highly suggest joining it. Even if you're not planning on using it right now.
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