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  1. Matijasevic

    UPLOD.ORG - Free 1 year premium account - Earn $22 /1000 downloads

    You can contact them to get more info.
  2. Matijasevic

    UPLOD.ORG - Free 1 year premium account - Earn $22 /1000 downloads

    They pay in less of 10 days after request.
  3. Matijasevic

    DropAPK.COM - 60% OF SALES & Rebills | PPD $20/1000 Downloads

    They ban all sites, not just his, and it has nothing to do with attacking :)
  4. Matijasevic

    List of earnings upload file hosting

    There will be, but not with high rates. Sites with better rates depends on google adsense, but they can work with adsense only for few months before ban. So if they want to live, they need popunders which pay less day by day. I guess max up to 5$ in the future.
  5. Matijasevic

    Hello from AdSpyglass - service for Publishers

    In their post "We have the full list of all adult and mainstream networks with their top CPM rates", so I guess they allow it.
  6. Matijasevic

    Auto torrent download and upload to file host then auto post to wp script?

    First utorrent: - Setup where are your files located during download - incomplete downloads (ex. Movies - Pending) - Setup where utorrent will move your files after download is finished (ex. Movies - Completed) That part is finished, now you need to setup ThemaCreator: - First you need to setup...
  7. Matijasevic remote upload

    Maybe the site where you plan to transfer files doesnt support remote from upstore. Another option is to get RDP and to download files and upload them again on new site.
  8. Matijasevic remote upload

    I dont use it, but probably you will need premium account (upstore) to transfer files to another site.
  9. Matijasevic

    Known About Wjunction For Sometime

    Welcome to WJ :)
  10. Matijasevic

    List of earnings upload file hosting

    This is his profile, you can contact him and ask about webmoney status, but i think it is the same for both.
  11. Matijasevic

    List of earnings upload file hosting

    They told me 5-10 days if you request via paypal.
  12. Matijasevic Programs in a new format-Official

    Some forums (like he said planetsuzy) have whitelist system, and he can post full link ( but short link is not allowed (it must be added to their whitelist too).
  13. Matijasevic Programs in a new format-Official

    He probably meant add (to use full link instead of short).
  14. Matijasevic

    How to get more visitor my ebooks site?

    1. Search reddit groups with topics about ebooks and post link there 2. Post on other warez forums with .url and .txt file inside the rar archive 3. Link exchange with similar sites, blogs (avoid porn sites on your homepage) 4. Get better title and meta tags ("download books" is not enough, make...
  15. Matijasevic

    Novafile anyone?

    As a downloader, you can download only 1 file per 24h.
  16. Matijasevic

    About this business ( PPS and PPD )

    You cant earn 3k$ with PPD. You must have your own site with thousands of visits, but every PPD site count 1 download per IP, so if user download 10 files, it will be counted as 1, so you must have really a lot of visits. Also there are only few forums/sites alive from hotfile era, so you can...
  17. Matijasevic

    upload4earn SCAM !!!!

    Thanks for the payment.
  18. Matijasevic

    Any HD Porn Blogs Or Forums Use Any Of These File Host??

    You can find suprafiles and zippyshare on planetsuzy in PATM categories. Maybe there are some blogs/forums with suprafiles links, but the rest i think it will be hard to find.
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