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    Hey how are you doing? PM me please/

    Hey how are you doing? PM me please/
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    I used Godaddy years ago, never had an issue. The only downfall was if you are hacked they charge 50$ (or did back then in 2000ish) to give you a backup. But i ran many sites off them, never uploaded any files to my host and had no issues. They would actually call me and offer me upgrades and...
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    Bringing back the good days

    so i am going to bring back my old sites. It will be like USAWarez/DLThenet but a bit different, anyone wants to help? I don't care who you are, I just need a new team. I will be able to distinguish if you are going to stick around or not. Where is DXS, iMage, Ultima, or Cobra? Are you there...
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    Buying a service - Need someone who can make 1 IP per account

    you can find it in the VB Mods section of VBulletin (website)
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    Hosting $2 for 3 Years. Get $358 OFF

    Edit: it is working, thank you! Great find! +1
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    Other Movie streaming site

    Im here if you want help, PM me
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    Site is growing need more staff

    id be willing to help you out. I recently was thinking about creating a new streaming site, but there are so many out there already.. Regardless of that i can help mod, or even upload
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    Cooperation for gay adult site

    SEO would be your best best and advertising
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    CPM FOR WAREZ help plz

    In the past i used clickbooth.
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    Blu-Bits Invites GiveAway

    still available?
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    IPTorrent inviation

    You know this is against IPT Rules right?
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    Understanding the Law on Warez

    coming from an informant. :P
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    Warning: EpicScale "Cryptocurrency Miner" silently installed with latest uTorrent.

    The users own fault for not reading... And just clicking accept offer.. LoL
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    WebTrafficAgents (value of

    LEts bring it back.. im down to put in the work.. :\
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    Long Live WJunction

    i agree RE-Blue the to0! :D
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    Hello everyone, im looking for some ridicule as well as tips. What should be removed/ added and so forth.. Feel free to rip it apart or enjoy it.. Im open to all types of comments. The site is: switched domains :D
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    Looking for Staff/Help etc

    Name of your site? RavenFaust (for now will change if needed) Link to the forum? Genre? P2P, Streaming, Chat etc.. Up for anything really Forum Software? VB Position available? Any Is it a paid position? Not right now Why are you requesting staff? Im looking for some help as i...
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