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  1. salo | Best Free Streaming Service with lowest ads | DMCA Ignored

    Hello, How are you all ? I hope you still remember me :D After we closed our affiliate before and shut down we back now with new strategy and will give your the best user experience . First of all please note that we dont have affiliate program at vidfast but we are giving you a...
  2. salo

    Buying Looking for XVideosharing unique template

    Hello, I am looking for talented developer to create a new template for Xvideosharing . or you know any good company please let me know . I tried and now I edit my post to tell he did really great job Thanks
  3. salo | Up to $50/10k from Videos | Daily payment | $5 min

    Hello, How are you all ? Some of you may remember we were in the field before but we took some time off and couple months ago we decided to back again with many improvements First of all please note that we dont have affiliate program at vidfast but we are giving you a smooth...
  4. salo

    [REVIEW ] one of the Best Server Management Copmany

    Hello, I dont write many reviews but this time I have to let people know about my great experience with this server management company I tried . I have more than 12 years experience as a webmaster and I worked with many servers management companies and I could say this...
  5. salo

    Buying need to buy movies set ( more than 1000 movies )

    Hello, Anyone here has movies set at his windows server or something ? I am looking to buy it whatever the number of the movies I will buy them Thanks
  6. salo

    Scammer seller : check my experience

    Hello, I have bought many plugins from this scammer : and I have to say he is very stupid developer . Most his working not working or not as described or it work for only few days . He promised me that Google Proxy plugin will work good with 400 realtime visitors ...
  7. salo

    Hiring Looking for XVideosharing and XFilesharing support

    Hello, I have 2 sites with XVideosharing and XFilesharing . and I am looking for someone who have enough experience to be able to add file-servers with nginx ready for both sites and make them supports https . I have many file-servers and looking for support package or monthly basis Let...
  8. salo

    Buying Need full SEO service to tv series site

    Hello, I am looking for full seo services for monthly plan or one time for my site Anyone has a plan let me now please and the price Thanks
  9. salo

    [Buying] Looking for banner spot or link spor at Movie or TV series sites

    Hello, We have this site : and I am looking for any good movies or tv series websites to buy spot at it . please PM me or post here with your site link and price with the available spot Thanks
  10. salo scammer and cheating native ads network

    The issue has been solved with the company and they promise to send my payment
  11. salo discussion

    Hi, Just promising website we should point to it . I am posting about it since I used it at my websites for streaming and I am so happy with them . They gave me the best support and as they promised there is no ads now . Later will ads with lowest possible to keep watching...
  12. salo

    Buying Looking for Google Drive JW player ( no proxy ) High budget

    Hello, I noticed that some websites have Google drive JW player working fine . if anyone has a script or api I would be happy to rent or buy PM me with offers please or just post your skype I will add you Thanks
  13. salo

    Selling Sell Large TV shows website Tier 1 Traffic

    __________________ Added after 1 26 minutes: Wow this is the fastest sell I made in my life . I received a message from serious seller and the site has been sold . and now in moving ownership process . Mod pleas close this thread
  14. salo

    Hiring Looking for PHP Developer to modify Phpmelody Script ( add features )

    Hello, I have the licensed script phpmelody . and I have many ideas want to do at the script so I am looking for php developer who can add and modify some features of the script . This is the script demo : PM me please or post your skype here Thanks
  15. salo

    Hiring need professional optimization to my dedicated server

    Hello, I have a dedicated server hosted 1 website with heavy traffic . The server has very good hardware and I am looking for optimization for it to make my site run very fast . I just need Cpanel installed at it . PM me please or post your skype here I will add you Thanks
  16. salo

    Hiring Need setup VAST ads at videojs player

    Hello, I have a private videohost using videojs . I tried to use vast ads with it but it never worked . I know that it is free and no need to license like JW . I am not sure where the issue I tried many methods bit all failed Anyone Can do it for me ? and I will pay for sure Thanks
  17. salo

    Buying Needs XFilesharing expert to install nginx at file-server

    Hello, I have a site with XFilesharing script . and I always able to install nginx at the file-server myself to handle the load . But recently I added a server that gave me hard time trying to make the download work with the nginx enabled So I am looking for someone who worked at...
  18. salo

    Buying Want someone pay for my storage Diak.Yandex

    Hello, I am trying to buy 1 TB space at but the only have Credit Card and they dont accept CC from my country . Anyone Can Help ? I am looking for the $10 Plan for 1 TB and I need to upgrade 5 Accounts I have so $50 and I will pay to the one who help $75 Thanks
  19. salo

    Buying Looking for Google Drive API or Script ( JWplayer )

    Hello, as we all know that when Google do an update the API the current player stopped and it always needs time waiting the coder to fix it . I am looking for fast coder who can solve it at the same day . and I will pay the necessary fees for this fast support . I was working with...
  20. salo

    Buying Need Aamzon API to stream the video from the direct Link

    Hello, I saw many sites having theor videos hosted at Amazon and using special API to get the direct links for streaming using JWplayer Anyone know who can offer this service ? Thanks
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