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  1. dbundus

    please i need help necessary - i need this script can anyone advice me from where

    I can help you get any type of script or website you want set up. But first, I need to understand exactly what you really need. I don't understand the post very well.
  2. dbundus

    Best cryptocurrency wallet. Your choice.

    I like coinomi for desktop and mobile wallet. They are the oldest in the game and reliable. For web, I like blockchain. But atomic is also good when it comes to deskop wallet. Just still new.
  3. dbundus

    Favorite fighting games

    Without a second thought, Mortal Kombat Sega version was one of my favorites. I know I played more fighting games, but this one always comes to my mind first when I think of it. The moves, the fatalities, the brutalities, I think they were the first to create a fighting game with such things...
  4. dbundus

    Hello everyone

    Hello Kikunee welcome to Wjunction .
  5. dbundus

    Can you live without the Internet?

    I am self employed on the internet, I wouldn't say I cannot live without it, but it would be miserable if I live without it. I prefer to work online than to work offline. I prefer to own a business online, than to own a business offline. I enjoy the freedom of working from my house, whenever I...
  6. dbundus

    How to Website get instantly index in search engine like Google , yahoo & bing etc?

    It's optional. You can leave it if you like, but its needless.
  7. dbundus

    Hi Guys my name is Juan

    Welcome. Time to :fork_and_knife: :grin:
  8. dbundus

    Where can I have photo editing job?

    There are many websites where you can find this. Some of them are Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, TaskRabbit, Freelancer . Just sign up and you will find logo job
  9. dbundus

    Which is the best logo design software?

    If you don't have any logo design skills simply go for SoThink Logo Maker . It's free and you can google it. It already has premade awesome logos and icons for you.
  10. dbundus ?

    Just go to google and type
  11. dbundus

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    What is your host?
  12. dbundus

    Learn The Basics Of CPA/ CPA Helpdesk | Make Money Online

    What a great content you put here! :hugging: Btw that looks like adworkmedia. Is it?
  13. dbundus

    How to Website get instantly index in search engine like Google , yahoo & bing etc?

    When you type dbundus on Google you will find that it is properly indexed. So for Google, type "Google Web Master Tools" on your Google search engine and follow the steps provided to you. You will need to verify your website by uploading a file they will give you to your home page or by...
  14. dbundus

    Best cryptocurrency wallet. Your choice.

    I use blockchain since 2013 and never had problem with it. I also use coinomi
  15. dbundus

    Do You Want To Get Paid For Playing Games & Having Fun?

    Our user just earned and cashed out $4.6 in under 40 minutes. Check it here
  16. dbundus

    New Social Networking Website just WoW

    It never sounds great to actually encourage anyone to use fake email (im not even talking about fake info) Im just talking about fake email. The only way of communicating with them, and you suggest them to use temp email. Well you might as well put that on the home page, and I can tell you...
  17. dbundus

    New Social Networking Website just WoW

    Message not long at all :boy: I like to read real things. I see your point of view, and the inside design of fleeped looks very cool to me. I'll have to sign up and take more look at it, and the giftcard thing interests me. I can see it going somewhere in future. But, the idea of people using...
  18. dbundus

    New Social Networking Website just WoW

    Speaking of FB selling info, you believe everything you hear in news? It's better to not say you are sure about it. I don't agree that FB sells any one info. About How drop callers got your info. Is Facebook the only website you have signed up to ever since you use internet? Why accuse...
  19. dbundus

    How to market a website?

    Don't try to manipulate back links. Google doesn't like it.
  20. dbundus

    How to market a website?

    This is actually a great list. Im copying it down. Im sure if one does like 4 of them, well, and focuses on it, they can kick off. And if they do all of them, oh my G. That would be sky :heart_eyes:
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