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    Hey, we're looking into it. I believe it may have something to do with clouflare caching the pages. We may need to disable cloudflare. Edit: I just disabled cloudflare i'm going to see if it starts counting again.
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    Well I could always make a DMCA process. But most people won't complain, they still get views on youtube since w'ere just embeding videos.
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    Fixed, it should now be multiple pics per row.
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    Right now it's all manual. However we have importing scripts, i'm just not running them. (Yet.)
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    Well, later on we're going to implement importing for videos as well. Also i want to allow uploading videos as well, so people can also upload movies etc. That's in the future though. I think blogs can use the website, for example buzzfeed style blogs that post videos. Instead of...
  6. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    All payment requests have been fulfilled as of 01/31/18
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    Hello wJunction, I'd love some thoughts on my new website. is a video sharing website that will pay users to import & share youtube/daily motion videos. Basically you can sign up and import a video instantly from youtube and than share it on social media or embed it on your...
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    It's a beautiful looking forum, i've never seen that platform before. Looks great honestly. Seems like a niche market but I guess phone forums can be pretty big.
  9. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    Hello i'm looking into the issue, it could be because the country isn't on the paid tier list or because the same IP address hit it's view limit/pay limit. I'm going to look into it, we're still testing many things. I just raised the rates up and modified the IP settings hopefully that should...
  10. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    I'm still testing the rates, the reason why is because we count multiple IP address views. I'll probably raise them soon, people were hitting payout with almost no views because of multiple IP views. If it's to low I will make it higher.
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    I'm going to take your advice, I removed advertisements for uploaders. I appreciate the feedback. We are brand new in this space and still testing things. ~BittFox
  12. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    Uploading has been fixed. I also just adjusted the rates lower. At previous rates we will be bankrupt. Users are able to cashout in just 1 day with barely any views. Everyone will be paid out for previous rates, but we may be adjust rates slightly. ~BittFox
  13. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    Earnings show up here: Once you reach payout limit of 10$ an option for paypal comes up to cash out. Its PPD/PPV You get paid if the user views or downloads it. Finally about the ads, the reason why we have ads is to pay. Unlike most...
  14. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    Can you send me a picture/what link is spyware I'll contact the popup company. We need popup ads to pay. I'm going think about removing some of the ads and maybe lowering the payout.
  15. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    Thank you, didn't notice. The rates are based on how much the ad networks pay, I also looked at what some of the other image hosts pay.
  16. B | Earn up to $7/1000 views - PayPal

    Right now everyone gets 2 TB's of storage, i'm going to make it higher if anyone hits it. I think it should be enough for images.
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    Why remove popups, without popups the site makes zero money. How will I pay? Popups have to be there.
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    Can't post in marketplace

    Hello, i'm wondering why I can't post in marketplace. Am I still on probation or is the marketplace closed? Thanks! <3
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    How many people you can follow in a day in instagram and twitter ?

    Not sure about instagram but with twitter for newer accounts if you follow to much you get locked out and have to do phone verification, sometimes theyll ghost accounts. If the accounts new i'd retweet and tweet stuff for at least a month before doing mass following.
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