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    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    Just happens in Opera , FF and Chrome work fine for me
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    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    Looks good , kind of cutting edge for a forum
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    Bringing back the good days

    Most are still around, just doing different things
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    Whose still here since the start of WJunction?

    still trolling here....
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    #Bring Back NiNJA Emoji

    Ill kick in a few bucks to get it back too, just saying
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    How make money , Upload centers owners?

    3rd way: Shaving, cutting money from customers sales and affiliate programs 4th way: Stall and Run,either slow down or stop all payments until you have enough money and just close the place with no notice 5th way; Use stolen money to open under another name, costs you nothing
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    I'm bored, what should I do?

    Troll like I do? :ninja:
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    Silk Road founder gets life for creating online drug site

    NEW YORK – A San Francisco man who created the online drug-selling site Silk Road was sentenced Friday to life in prison by a judge who cited six deaths that resulted from drugs bought on his website and five people he tried to have killed. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest told Ross...
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    How long you been on this forum?

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    This board is not what it used too be

    Djlatino has some valid points.Places change, people change, some move on, others just stay the same,Instead of attacking him, attack the issues.Everything has to progress to stay alive and cutting edge, but, some tried and true things still work.Boards dont need all the new bells and whistles ...
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    I'm getting session.save_path error

    Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files) | GoDaddy Support | GoDaddy Support , this may help , or a temp fix is reboot server
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    Free Programs

    Different stuff for free everyday Daily giveaways and discounts | SharewareOnSale
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    plese help me download this file?

    nice survey link, do people really fall for that?
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    Your achievements in the year 2013?

    Made it thru alive , good enough for me
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    A Modest Introduction

    Dissolution of the Soviet Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Gorbachev resigned from his office on 25 December, and the Soviet Union formally ended its existence the next day. " seems your dates are off, nice try tho
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    Hey there

    Damn, long time, old memories ,welcome back
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    Post Requirement?

    Newly registered members are referred to as Probationary Members, who have limited access to the features at WJunction, including limited access to certain sub-forums. Probationary members must wait a period of 2 days (48 hours) and make a minimum of 2 useful posts prior to these limitations...
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    WJunction Radio

    what your playing is fine, crank it up
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