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    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    Guys I mailed the support about slow upload speeds they replied: Dear Customer, Please send us also tracert log to so we can check the issue with our ISP. How to use tracert If you have any further...
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    Quickly Exchange Your Cryptos/Webmoney/Perfect Money for Bank Transfer or Paypal

    Just did my 1st exchange with this guy <3 Trustworthy!
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    An old Microsized Movies and TV Shows site is back ( mRS )

    Hello! I think a lot of downloaders know mRS or Minirlss, now it is operative again give it a review guys:
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    Z_o_o_m uploader tool scam!

    Same here!! can't add nitroflare!
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    Help on protecting links from getting deleted!

    Hello guys! I use safelinking and an RDP to reupload my dead links and since I upload tv packs it would be at least 24episodes to be reuploaded on 4 different filehosts... I tried these methods: 1-Renaming and re-raring files even the md5 is changed still they get deleted. 2-Tried password on...
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    Future of the Sharing Copyrighted Material, Warez Revenue

    It is getting hard, but we will be up to the challenge PS: a Warez ( no-porn ) uploader <3
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    Selling themaPoster - multi-poster, reply / create threads, schedule, lots of automation...

    Just wanna ask before I buy, for example there are 2 sites I wanna post in and the two are different for example the 1st site allows Rapidagtor and the 2nd doesn"t and I wanna post in both of them can I get an option where I don't post rapidgator links in the 2nd and keep them for the first. I...
  8. B - PPD (30 EUR) & PPS (60% inital sale /50% rebill)

    that is not true their accounts are still alive I am sure of that!
  9. B - PPD (30 EUR) & PPS (60% inital sale /50% rebill)

    I don't get how warez-bb users like LEDAER, Seraf, HD3D, tinkoni, SHULiBAN and other big users they did not abandon Uploaded? and UL did not ban their accounts though I am sure they get hundreds of DMCAs from these users uploads since they are famous! -_- I guess UL systems is picky!
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    I want help with my warez forum
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    I want help with my warez forum

    Hello guys! So my forum is 1 year and 4 months old, I get traffic but no members reacting only views small amounts of downloads less sales... I don't know why, anyways I want good seo deal to promote my website, please guide me the best seo plus I want it to look like warez-bb or similar...
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    Uploadbank and Openload so slow in zoom uploader!!

    Hello guys! I use NL RDP and I upload files by zoom to multiple free sites but get very slow speeds on uploadbank and openload why is that?
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    What are the sites you getting sales from the most?

    Guys What are the sites you getting sales from the most from movies and tv shows using rapidgator uploaded and nitroflare? please share with us your experience!
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    upload4earn SCAM !!!!

    Still pays?
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