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    Anonymous Domain And Hosting Buying Help

    Bin this.
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    Maximum Page Likes on Facebook (24 Hours)

    Hello folks, how many fan pages an individual LIKE within a time frame of 24 hours. I like like 50 - 70 pages in few minutes and they told me to slow down or they'll block! P.S - I'm new to facebook!
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    Blank Pages On Wordpress Posts!

    Hello folks, whenever I try to publish a new post, I get a white blank page and I'm unable to post anything in my wordpress blog. Can anyone please tell me what should I do? Support is not being helpful.
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    Poweshell Scripts Exits [Help]

    Hello folks, this is my first post and before further ado, I'm gonna tell you guys, I'm a noob at programming languages! With the help of google, I workaround a Powershell script for handbrake automation. Now, the issue is when the source folder is empty the Powershell script exits. Here's the...
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    Wordpress Dashboard too slow

    Hello folks, the WP dashboard of my website is way too slow. It takes so much time to publish a post. Also I run into much Database troubles. (error establishing database) and all. Plugins - I hardly have 5 - 7 plugins (very light weight) What to do?
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    Selling Adspots on 20K Alexa Rank Website ($5)

    Have a Banner Adspot on Micromkv Encodes in just $5. Here's the Alexa Rank - CLICK HERE About Ads: 1 - Footer and Right Sidebar Ads (No Pop ups at All) 2- Porn Sites ( Only if they've SFW images or Text, nothing explicit or nude) 3 - No warez sites similar to my niche. Price and Payment...
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    [Hiring] Torrent Uploader Bot

    Hi, I need a bot which takes files from my server HDD and upload it to various public trackers like TPB, Kickass and ET. Also it may add the various info regarding the file and screenshot. Price- PM Me w/ your quote!
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    Wordpress Issue (Help)

    Hello folks, I have this strange Wordpress issue! Every time I update/ publish a new post my site goes down for like 2 - 5 minutes. The RAM is getting all used up and below are the few things you should know to provide me w/ any solution 1 - I have 3GB RAM VPS. 2 - Only 4 plugins installed...
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    [Selling] AdSpots On Encoded Movies + TV Shows Website

    [Selling] Promoting your Busniess and Website Howdy Folks, I'm here to promote your Business/Websites in order for you guys to get the maximum exposure. No matter what, if you're a Web Hosting Company or a Company providing Seedbox(s), Dedicated Servers, VPS(s) or you're Webmaster who owns a...
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    Hiring Automaton + Bot

    Hello, need someone for some automation + Bot making. Price - We will talk about it Payment via Paypal PM Me if you can do this.
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    [Hiring] Developer With PHP Skills

    Hello peeps, I'm looking for a developer for a project (which I can't disclose here, it's a private thing) but, if you're or you know some cool developer with PHP + automation skills please let me know in comments. Payment Amount - Developer will decide according to the amount and level of work...
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    Topic for Thesis [Help]

    Hi, hope all of you're doing great. Well, I need some help from you people. I have my Thesis this semester. So, please suggest me some feasible topics to decide in Networking field. Yes, only Networking field. I'll be doing the coding in MATLAB but, first needs to decide the topic. Kindly...
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    Zoom Uploader Recent Error

    Hi everyone, I have Zoom registered version installed, but I just came to know that even with adding my own hosting accounts the files are not being added/uploaded to my own personal account. The files are being uploaded normally like they do and I get a download link but they have are not...
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    [Request Quote] Encoding Automation

    Hi, I'm looking for a programmer to make an arrangement for x264 480p - 720p video encoding automation. Rest all details I'll tell to the programmer, what and How I want. I'm looking for a price/quote to see how much it costs and stuff. PM me, if you can or have already done something like...
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    [Buying] Dedicated Server

    Hi all you amazing people! I'm looking for a dedicated server 1 RAM - 16Gigs or 32GB 2 - CPU -Intel Xeon 1245V2 OR E3 1270 @3.40GHZ 3 - HDD - Doesn't matter OR 50GB SSD (if comes in price range) 4 Location - Doesn't matter (wherever I find one) 5 - Public Torrent Seeding allowed 6 - OS -...
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    Most Reliable Warez Host

    Hello fellow members, what's the most reliable host these days. The one I'm currently using, use to be the best one, but now having daily downtime(s). Kindly suggest a good reliable host with a excellent support and no downtime. Thanks P.S - Looking for a VPS for warez linking. (Wordpress site)
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    Networking Seminar in College (Suggest Topic)

    Hello fellow members, hope y'all are doing great! Well, I'm having a seminar on any topic under NETWORKING in next coming 10 - 14 days in my college. So, please suggest me some cool topic on which I can give my seminar, it also needs PPT's. >> Kindly suggest me the topic name. >> Also the...
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    Questions about Domain (Warez Site)

    Hello fellow members and Mods, I've some questions regarding domain related to warez site. 1 - I've a warez website (Movies Download) with .com domain 2 - My domain registrar is 3 - Can they suspend my domain? And if yes, then what should I do for a back up and is there a way I can...
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    Google Stopped Crawling (Robot TXTS Issue)

    Hello WJ members, few days ago my website went down for like 8 hours actually the data center blocked it as I forget to remove an abuse but it came back online later in the day! That day I got a message in Google Webmaster Tools - 146 failed attempts to crawl your site! They also...
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