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    Clickadu - Ad Network with Best CPM Rates

    Thanks for the reply My account now approved, I will try it now
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    Clickadu - Ad Network with Best CPM Rates

    I want to try this ads network, only $10 withdrawal, because I have low traffic But when I registered and check my profile page I couldn't change minimum payment, the minimum payment is $100 can't change to $10 Also I couldn't find withdrawal via Paypal in payments page Are you sure clickadu...
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    Seriously?! I'm very grateful if you think about it again But man... I already send you some email thrice and FB message before -.- Also, I already upload more than 100 files in other host since week ago I still have another files to upload, I think total file I need to upload is around 1000...
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    Please don't use bad word, I'm Indonesian and I know what you mean And I don't know who you cursing at :D Actually I'm afraid with person like you, start cursing without reason XD
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    I'm fine with you telling other about me using fake traffic To be honest, I really don't know how to use fake traffic, and if I really know I'm gonna use it on PPD which pay more higher than yours I only know about your site around March this year, introduced by respected member of wjunction...
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    Ugh~ At least pay me from my sleeping hour sacrifices (。-ω-)zzz
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    Wait... I mean everyone know how many Anime & Manga fans right? More Than Justin Bieber HAVE !!!! o(*≧□≦)o
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    Ok, so you think I'm a cheater because I'm "Using some kind of proxy to generate downloads. All your downloads are fake, so why you think that you ought to get payout? For what? Fake traffic? Delirious." ⊂((・▽・))⊃ Well, thank you so much for your declaration You are so honest sir~ (*≧▽≦) If I...
  9. F SCAM or LEGIT?

    Can someone please explain to me about "PPD Status"
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    I'm trying Speed4Up right now It's kinda hard to find good PPD which have good rates for Japan & Indonesia since my visitors/downloaders are mostly from JP & ID
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    I intend too since no support at all But I need good PPD programs without limitation, even $1/1000 download is fine I still have his email account, somehow I want to bully him by spamming his account lol
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    Yes, even from US
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    Does anyone use this service? I use this service around March, and already paid 2x Around June they changed their domain name And I lost all the files I've uploaded there because they changed their domain, I've contacted the admin regarding my files but there's no change, so I had to reupload...
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    PPD which have high rates for Japan & Indonesia

    Hello~ actually I have been 'stalking' on wjunction for a long time But, since I'm not good with words, I stay as anonymous haha Anybody know any PPD which have high rates for Japan & Indonesia? I already tried FilesCDN, but files will be deleted for 30 days for <50MB I want to become premium...
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