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  1. A - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    How do uploaders manage to upload countless amounts of files to Keep2Share?? Surely some of you are going well above and beyond the 60GB storage limit?? I could completely use all of that storage in a couple of days with the amount of content I upload. How do people seem to continuously upload...
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    Selling Selling Adult (18+) Website

    I'm happy to take an offer. 1579041514 So I've noticed that a lot of people are annoyed that I'm not offering out the script... Let me explain, and it may help you understand why. The main reason why I'm not including the script is because it's coded in VBA !!! A horrible language for this...
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    Selling Selling Adult (18+) Website

    Hi all, I've gotten to that part of my life where I really don't have any other option but to sell my adult based website. Home life, and being a father is taking over. So I don't have much time to put into the website anymore. Website: CamWhores The idea behind CamWhores was to record live...
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    SparkTraffic 2000 impressions free

    I signed up at 19:15... It's now 21:35. This is what I received. My settings: I'm still getting a bit of traffic now, but peak was about 200 - 250 visitors on the site at one time. I'm not sure how to see which countries the traffic came from whilst isolating all of my other traffic...
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    My website is cloned and live updated. How to stop?

    If they're using your RSS feed to grab your site, then try shutting off your RSS feed temporarily to see if that stops they're live updates. Add your websites URL to the post information within your RSS. It's sometimes quite difficult to stop something like that.
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    Rapidleech in 2019 ?

    I thought Rapidleech died about 10 years ago lol I'd be surprised if it's still being used nowadays with all of the alternative superior methods of upload :)
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    Winrar with batch script help

    I have a batch script that will do the following.... Lets say we have 3 x movie files (AVI files) Those movie files are in seperate folders. Similar to how you mention above D:\folder 1 D:\folder 2 D:\folder 3 D:\folder 1 contains - movie1.avi D:\folder 2 contains - movie2.avi D:\folder 3...
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    Which monitor is best for Gaming?

    LG 25UM58 Acer ED242QR AOC G2460PF Out of those three, I'd go with the - AOC G2460PF 24 inch TN panel 144 Hz 1ms response rate Freesync (Good if you have an AMD GPU) The Acer is the same, but is curved, and also has 4ms response rate (higher number is worse) The LG is ultrawide, therefore...
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    Selling Adult Website 600.000 unique traffic/ month, Alexa 65k

    How much money are you making from PopAds ? Can you show your traffic stats ?
  10. A - E3-1245V5 32GB DDR4 RAM 1Gbit Unmetered From €50 Only ( France )

    What speed are your sata drives?? Been trying to speak to someone on your Live Chat service, but getting no responses.
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Happy new year and all that... but it's now the middle of February. Maybe think about removing the link at the top.
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    How do you buy dedicated servers? Without a 3rd party?

    Just wanted to know how it's actually done. I wondered if buying a server directly from the supplier without using a third party would be cheaper? I guess it all depends on the deal that the third party has with the supplier if they are buying multiple at a time. Obviously getting discounts etc.
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    How do you buy dedicated servers? Without a 3rd party?

    Thanks for the info Occult. @Belinux I guess it's just easier to use third party. But that's the reason for the question.
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    How do you buy dedicated servers? Without a 3rd party?

    If I wanted to buy my own dedicated server without going through a 3rd party... How do I go about it?? And is it cheaper?? Are there any step by step guides on here that I might of missed? I guess the same procedure applies if you're wanting to buy a low end, or high end machine. Thanks
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    Imagetwist- Oldest and #1 paying image host.

    Always get paid. Been getting paid for months - if not years.
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    SEO image Optimization

    How to secure your wordpress website.... Don't be predictable. For example, don't use ADMIN as your username. Use a very strong password, utilising all types of charactors Keep your Wordpress version up to date at all times. As well as any plugins that you decide to use. Use Google and find...
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    SEO image Optimization

    Title: SEO image Optimization Body: How do I secure wordpress without free plugins ?? I'M CONFUSED!!
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