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    Selling Selling Adult (18+) Website

    Hi all, I've gotten to that part of my life where I really don't have any other option but to sell my adult based website. Home life, and being a father is taking over. So I don't have much time to put into the website anymore. Website: CamWhores The idea behind CamWhores was to record live...
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    How do you buy dedicated servers? Without a 3rd party?

    If I wanted to buy my own dedicated server without going through a 3rd party... How do I go about it?? And is it cheaper?? Are there any step by step guides on here that I might of missed? I guess the same procedure applies if you're wanting to buy a low end, or high end machine. Thanks
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    HTML Table to PDF

    Hi, I'm wanting to export my HTML table to a PDF file. I've found this script, Export HTML Table to PDF using jsPDF - JSFiddle and it does pretty much what I want it to do. However, I would like to add an image to the top of the 'exported' PDF file (with a small piece of text underneath the...
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    Redirecting Keyword URLs to another website?

    Hi, So I was thinking today about URLs and websites, and the possibilty for someone to search for something specific - Google to pick it up, and then get redirected to another website. My thinking behind this is the follow. Let's say I own a company that sells books. My website for this book...
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    List of File Hosts that offer PPS, and offer unlimited storage?

    Hi, I'm looking for a list of filehosts that offer PPS, and also offer unlimited storage (Or at least around the 50TB mark) - deletion of older files after 30 / 60 / 90 days is fine. I already know of a couple, they are: Rapidgator (PPS and unlimited storage) FileFactory (PPS and unlimited...
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    How do you run a SQL query on a certain database without "selecting" it first?

    How do you run a SQL query on a certain database without "selecting" that database first... All I want to do is go straight to SQL and perform the query. Server has multiple databases... This is the query that I'm trying to perform. UPDATE wp_posts SET post_author=1 WHERE post_author=0...
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    URL Checker Script ? To see if link is dead or alive

    Hi, I came across this website, and it looks pretty good. You can basically put in a list of links and it will tell you if the link is alive or dead. I host a website with Filefactory links... Is there a similar script somewhere that I can put on my website so that it will tell...
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    SQL - Need to update thousands of posts - Updating a paticular part of my post

    Hi, I need help with some SQL queries. I'm trying to update all of my previous posts with a new image link. This new image link will be replacing one that is currently already on the post. Hopefully this diagram will help you understand what I'm trying to do. (Click for larger version)...
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    Selling UltraIMG on Flippa

    Hi, I've made the decision to start focusing more on life and move on from managing this website. It will be a shame to see it go, but I feel that it will be better managed by someone else, and the potential is huge. Thanks
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    [Free] Site Logo Wanted for New ChatRoom Website

    Hi, I would like a logo created for my new site. ChatNFuck - Free UK Sex ChatRoom The script is currently using a logo with the dimensions of: 566 x 170 pixels So I would like to keep it around that if possible. The website theme is black and red, feel free to view it - and maybe register if...
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    Home Page Bug

    I'm seeing this on my end. And then at the bottom of the home page.
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    (Wanted - PAID Work via Paypal) Website Logo - Custom design

    I've recently purchased a new domain, and I'm now looking for a very decent logo for it. The website will be based on cam girls, so therefore I have a few ideas for a logo. The logo should say CamWhores (lowercase / uppercase / mixture - whatever looks best for your design) - Custom text - not...
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    Dedicated Need a dedicated server to run a already established image hosting website

    Hi, I'm looking to move from my current host for something a little bit cheaper. The main reason why I'm thinking about moving is because the website currently takes roughly 30 seconds to load 'more images' (when you scroll to the bottom)... and it's just not running right. I have a feeling that...
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    Full Screen Mario is a purely HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers

    Full Screen Mario is a purely HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers Created by Josh Goldberg - Thank you Josh!! PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE :))
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    Buying Automated websites with lots of traffic

    I am looking for websites to buy that requires little to no effort to maintain due to automated updating systems. The website should also have lots of traffic. Websites with earnings (and proof) would be good. Legal websites preferred. But will look at others also. Please let me know. I would...
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    Blocking certain websites from hotlinking images

    Hi, I have a bunch of Japanese websites that hotlink loads of content. But all these websites appears to be the same rubbish type of scrapping websites, and I've noticed that there is something common in the URL about them. I have been blocking loads of them with the htaccess file with a code...
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    1000 posts :-) and 2 1/2 years

    Finally reached the 1000 post milestone :fly: Wow, also just noticed that I've been a member here on WJunction for 2 1/2 years. I should probably have more posts, but sometimes I've had to bite my tongue and just press the close button :P No point in making enemies etc. Time definitely flies...
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    If you don't like Google Chrome's new tab page!!

    About 30 minutes ago, my version of Chrome was automatically updated. With the update came a bunch of new features... including a new design of the "new tab" page. It looks similar to this: This would be extremely bad for some people as these...
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    PS4 leaked via teaser promo E3 2013

    This might be fake... But either way, still looks pretty cool. YOUTUBE VIDEO: (Not sure how to embed? Or if it's possible?)
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    Webmaster URL Errors

    Hey, I check Google Webmaster regularly, and I've been finding that I get alot of URL errors. But I don't know how to prevent it? It seems to be errors from other websites which I have no control over. Any ideas...
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