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    Payoneer Blocking accounts attached with webmoney! Take care!

    Hello! Recently my friend got a mail from payoneer support . as i know....the webmoney account is personal and its not stated in payoneer Tos that you have rights to ask for screenshot....
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    Adsense have no sense

    Hello! As a title say,adsense have no sense. :cough: Recently my adsense account got blocked ,got a mail from them: My website received about 500 views from a traffic excahange (direct traffic without referrer) ,but never generated any fake views. This is why my whole adsense account got...
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    Payoneer card fees?

    Hello! I just wonder which ones are the correct fees for non usd atm withdrawal and POS terminal purchases? payoneer ATM Withdrawal or POS/Bank Teller Cash Disbursement - Outside the U.S. $3.15 Per Trx webmoney ATM Withdrawal non USD: 3% + 3,15$ Purchase (POS) non USD: 3% — as you...
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    This board is not what it used too be

    Hello! As title say ,this board is not what it used to be 1-2 years back. I mean this forum is now a home for spammers and hijackers , and not for the real people who want to discuss. Due to hijacking and spamming ,you can not get trusted informations from wjunction anymore. Why i tell this...
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    Why CPM too low?

    Hello! Im wondering why the cpm is too low. i have two websites with the following traffic: 1. United States 25,283 18.43% 2. Germany 20,303 14.80% 3. United Kingdom 10,016 7.30% 4. France 9,949 7.25% 5. Poland 6,539 4.77% 6. Italy 5,228 3.81% 7. Canada 5,122 3.73% 8...
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    Trade Pp to wmz small amount asap

    Hello! I need 1$ wmz i can give you 2$ paypal in return. I need to done this asap, if anyone can help please reply. Thanks edit: the exchange is done.thank you.
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    A little help needed for Zambian peoples

    Hello! My friend is going to help Zambian peoples ,he is a international volunteer of CEC-CID. He and 2 other volunteers will go in Zambia soon, and they decided to raise funds to purchase 9 special bikes. Read the full story here...
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    Jquery popup help

    HI! I need someone,who can install a jquery popup on my imagehosting website.I have a jquery popup,but i dont know how to integrate.It was done by the creator,but after a server crash i lose the old version of my site,where the popup was installed. If you can help ,please pm me and i will give...
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    Sent money is disappeared!

    Hi! Strange thing happened with me... Someone sent me a affiliate payment on 18th november,but i never received that money.I alredy mailed him few time,and he told me the money was sent on 18th,he even sent me the transaction id. I have checked the transaction id in my account,but i dont find...
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    Adsense ads on this page

    Hi! do google allows placing ads on the page,which contains a article rewriter tool? like here: Article Rewriter Maybe its a stupid question,but i think the article rewriter and google are not the best friends. do someone know anything about that?
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    Popup script for imagehost

    Hi all! I have a question ,which is very important for me.How to insert a script in a imagehost ,so i can display popups for my visitors.I dont want third party popup companys,i need a way to display my own urls for my visitors. do it is possible to do on a simple way,or i need to hire a...
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    How to join the Youtube partner program?

    How to join the Youtube partner program? I have a adsense account,but i can not join youtube partner program. Monetization This feature is currently not available in your country. Learn more. Monetization...
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    What was your first car?

    Hi all! Wondering which car is the most popular for wj members.Post the brand of your first car and the price you have paid for it,and if its possible please post photos too. My first car was a 23 years old zastava 101 with 3 doors.It is a sport version of zastava 101 lol.:) I got it for...
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    Webhostdaddy stole my domain

    Hi all! This topic is about a scam hosting company "Webhostdaddy". They closed their hosting site in january ,but the site was online till now. Many peoples have registered their domain names with Webhostdaddy and now,we all lose our domains.I even tried to transfer my domain to another...
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    Wallpaper script problem

    Hi! I got a small problem during transfering my site to new hoster. The whole transfer was easy,but when im trying to find the config.php to rename my database the all thing goes wrong. I can not find the php file,where i can change the database name and user. When i installed the script,i have...
  16. M got hacked!

    Yesterday night got hacked by anonymous hackers. Earlier some of their nicks was visible on albanian hacked websites,which got hacked by serbian hackers.
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    Need two banners

    Hi! I need a good animated banner for my site. I can pay on webmoney or payza.Pm me and i will explane more details.
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