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    Buying Need proper Video Hosting (JW Player or Other)

    I need a proper video hosting service, willing to pay if you can show me a proper way to host videos like a lot of the big sites. I've heard of juicy codes, and other services but I'm not 100% sure it works. I also don't want to work with google drive because it's a hassle.
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    [buying] Twitter Accounts WIth API Access (Can Create APPS)

    Willing to buy twitter accounts that can create apps, dm me if you're interested.
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    1 ) Go this site : 2 ) INSTALL THE CHROME EXTENSION LIKE THE SCREEN BELLOW 3 ) When the extensions installed Go to youtube and sign in with your account youtube 4 ) When you sign in, Now go in a video where she talks about the same subject as your...
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    Twitter Traffic Bot For Tube Sites (13k Followers)

    "You Gotta Spend Money To Make Money". This is an amazing way to get adult traffic to your site. I have two twitter bots working right now, and What the bot does, is that it scrapes all the videos on a page and goes to the...
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    Link Exchange - Hentai Site

    Site URL: We get around 150k unique visitors a month and would prefer someone who is growing at a similar pace to do link exchanges with.
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    Best Way to Make Money Off Your Site's Banner Ads (For Beginners)

    So one of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started monetizing my site was letting my ad network place ads on my website. For me, I was partnered with Exoclick and they paid < $0.02 per 1000 impressions which is no where near the amount of money you can make using the method that I used...
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