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  1. H - $9/1000 | 5% REF | INSTANT payouts, minimum $3

    It ok , i will just put my image file to a folder , like that i will know which file is deleted , just a bit hassle only .
  2. H - $9/1000 | 5% REF | INSTANT payouts, minimum $3

    I have some images size cost about 20 mb on my account for standby and they are all being deleted , perhap you can give upload image a expire deadline so that i know when to reupload again , as for now i can only view date of uploaded , no image expire date , thanks .
  3. H - $9/1000 | 5% REF | INSTANT payouts, minimum $3

    Do you remove image due to inactivity ?
  4. H | link shortener | $6/1.000 | no adult ads| PP BTC WMZ | 10% referrals

    Now so hard to earn money from ads site and links shortener site , many links shortener close down also due to shortage of fund to pay its user . I thinks many streaming site will also close down eventually too as they all rely on ad network to pay its user .:)
  5. H

    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    I don't like it too , it may look good on phone but not on pc user . I will need more time get use to it , maybe theme template are design for phone only .
  6. H Affiliates 10$/1000 Share Adult Images Earn Money Amazing rates

    Site is up again but Error - Invalid login. No such user exists Lucky , i use this site on my testing site only , as i know most image site with affiliate don't live long .
  7. H Affiliates 12$/1000 Share Adult Images Earn Money Amazing rates

    why setup this site if you intend to give up this site so soon ? Also no reply , no payment and nothing about site closing is rude to your user .
  8. H Affiliates 10$/1000 Share Adult Images Earn Money Amazing rates

    Date Earnings Views 07-16 $0.000001 1 1000 view only $0.01 , less than 10 cent for 1000 view ? My ip should be on TIER 4 , so should be $0.3 .
  9. H - $10/1000 | No Tricks | INSTANT payouts - min $2

    I tested 1 image on imgbaron and pic baron on my site and only pic baron click counted , i would like to use both host but if img baron do not count , then i can only use pic baron .
  10. H

    Imagetwist- Oldest and #1 paying image host.

    Some of my new upload screenshot image are gone after i posted on a few sites , no reason was given for the deleted image , but i suspect one of my competitor reported my image on a site with few hundred thousand member that i have posted on . but my image stay after i stop posting them...
  11. H Programs in a new format-Official

    May i know how to change email in my account ?
  12. H | Up to $15/1000 views | Min Payout 2$ & 50% REFERRALS *WEEKLY PAYMENTS*

    Must be careful with this kind of site , owner already said he run popular file and image site before , he will still be running them if it popular and will not just say run them before , so it best to use back old and trusted paying linkshorterner site , anyway thanks trickerfinder for testing...
  13. H - UP to $80/10K views - $1 Signup Bonus - Minimum Withdrawal $2 - Referral Bonus

    So you mean there nothing you can do , only solution for me is to install anti adblocker on my site if i want your site url link to appear on my site ? hmm , i try using anti adblocker before , visitor reduce 30% .
  14. H - UP to $80/10K views - $1 Signup Bonus - Minimum Withdrawal $2 - Referral Bonus

    The full page script is working onIy for non adblock user , i tested it , i cannot see the shorten url link on my site when i enable adblock , but i can see the shorten url link after i off my browser adblock , i don't know why also , i asking here hoping that he can help find out the problem...
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