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  1. foxfoxfox - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    hi folks, can someone give me a quick and up-to-date summary of current K2S events/status I would like to work on three large projects on this host and would like to know whether this is still serious? because there are always different opinions in this thread... and does anyone know who is...
  2. foxfoxfox

    MEXASHARE.COM | PPD (up to 40$/1000 downloads) - PPS ( 60% ) | Daily Payments

    copyright 2016 at the bottom of their page I find very unprofessional Does anyone know where this hoster comes from? or the admin? a project from japan or romania?
  3. foxfoxfox

    New Review: NETWIX.CLUB (+18)

    New Projekt NETWIX.CLUB still in the beta phase .. but there will still be many videos and pages! only young couples and fresh content!!
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    nice one contact me if you want link exchange.. why so little content? and how are you doing turbobit?
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  6. foxfoxfox - Earn 70% of Initial Sales and 70% of Rebills and 5$/1000 PPD! (All In One)

    good code - serious design - very intuitive, I think I will try it too. thanks to all people who have shared their experiences
  7. foxfoxfox

    does anyone have a current status? how does the hoster work? support answered me quickly today ..
  8. foxfoxfox

    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    thanks for your information people, i have a lot of time safed .. thanks to you! I wanted to offer RG on my site as a mirror, but if I read so what is going on at the moment .. * facepalm :weary: In any case, the script is very old and bad, I have a fast Internetline but it often upload...
  9. foxfoxfox

    does anyone have an idea how to remotely recover files from share-online to openload? about third?

    Hello, does anyone have an idea how to remotely recover files from share-online to openload? about third? how do you remot? I am happy about every experience ..
  10. foxfoxfox

    Premium - new file storage solution with exclusive features for publishers!

    hey guys is this hoster online? i cant find link to this hoster...
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