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    Just question in mind... File host give us blog by accepting only their link?

    Hi uploader and trusted files hosts, I don't know if it is already asked before or not yet. I just wonder why File Host don't create a blog DLE or forums for us to post there with only one download link from their filehost. They are capable to do SEO for their blogs. I did have blog and they...
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    Playlist for Christmas? Please share here

    Hello guys, Santa is coming... Let play musics to welcome Christmas. Here is my favorite instrumental playlist : Thank you for sharing
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    [18+] link exchange with

    Hello webmasters, Please exchange with my 18+ blog. the code is <a href="" target="_blank" title="Free Pornographic Videos and Nude Art Download"><strong></strong></a> Thank you
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    Selling Auto leech and post to your website

    I program a tool which can auto-leech posts from a website and used themaPoster for posting to your website. Requirements : + sources : the source website you want to leech must be DLE or WP (can be others CMS, I wll try). + your website : used CMS that can be posted by themaPoster. You will...
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    [Java] Looking for Jdownloader SVN

    Hello everyone, Hope get any chance to have this hold project in Java by svn. Please tell us thank you so much
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    Freshwap, Heroturko and Downtr... What is happening to them?

    Hello guys, They are offline almost ~24 hrs ago Please tell me thats not gonna the end of those bigs DLE..
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    [JAVA] function to resize image and function to upload image - need help

    Hello, I research and can download the image with Java code.. but I can't figure out how can resize the image to width 450px and reupload it to host image ( like postimage ). If you are an Java Programmer, please help me out.. Thank you very much
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    Filehosts with Security Lock

    Hello everyone, My accounts are hacked week ago. So I wanna to share and hear from you about the security of files hosts we are using. + Uploaded.Net : they have security on avoid hacker deleting files. But for request money, if hacker have the password, he can request with his purse without...
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    Hello all, I am very interested of creating blog. I hope you have the same "hobbit" like me ;D Here is my blog of music : Please tell me your reviews. Hace a nice weekend to you, Cheers
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    How convert PDF to Epub

    Hello everybody, Please tell me the tool or tutorial to convert pdf file to epub.. Note: The pdf file may contains text and images Thank you in advance And happy weekend to all
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    File Host with Lifetime purchase?

    Hello, Please tell us if there are some file hosts having a lifetime purchase. Thank you for your help
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    An small application to join an image and mp3 to video?

    Hello, Please tell me an small application which can merge an mp3 file and image to video. I have plan for album streaming online, but need program can do this. If it is build by Java, would be perfect. Thanks in advance.
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    Waiting time between free downloads

    Please tell us or list file hosts with their waiting time between free downloads. I research it but it must take much times. I prefer the longer waiting time :wacko: Thank you for your help
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    Link exchange with Magazine House

    Hello everyone, I would like to exchange link with you. Please add mine and reply your code here. I will add yours. <a href="" target="_blank" title="Download Free PDF Magazines, Ebooks and Musics Hits">Magazines House</a> Thank you for your reading vitas
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    File Hosts with free download file from 2 Gbs size

    Hello, Bonjour There are many file hosts nowadays with good rates :) I want to upload movies with file size more than 2 Gb. And I hope my members can download them without premium required. I found today which give 10 Gb file size for free user. Please tell me the others...
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    Another File Host like NovaFile?

    Hello Guys, Seem like NovaFile ignore deleting DMCA files : magazines and books. But, they close the affliate. So I would like to know if there is any file host like them? I am building a site only for magazines ( and books so far ) Please help! Thank you so much.
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    Review :

    Hi everybody, I have created a site for new and hot magazines download in pdf : Magazine House - Download Pdf magazines You guys can find on the site all kinds of news about video game, house & garden, electronic, cars & motor sport, Health & body for Men, Women, Travel... in English, French...
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    Review :

    Please review my new warez site created by wordpress : All 4 Share ? Store By Warez It was borned in no more than 2 weeks but contents are updated everyday :) I need to exchange backlinks, so you guys, please contact me by inbox or email : storebywarez[a] Feel free to leave your...
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