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    Cannot upload files to server

    I am trying to upload a template into vz/template/cache but its not letting me. I cannot even access the folder root, telling me permission denied. I tried with putty to change the folder cache's permissions but tells me operation not permitted. I'm logged in as the root user of the server. The...
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    Funny Picture Bot

    I had bought this from here a long time ago and now seems gone. The program has been giving an error for some months. It gets funny pics from Uberhumor and Cheezburger. Seems that Cheezburger have updated or something and so the error as shown below. Anyone can fix this please send pm, also the...
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    cPanel Email problems

    I cannot send nor receive emails through cpanel. After sending an email from cpanel Horde I receive the below email almost immediately. Anyone can help me with this? This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more...
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    Need wordpress theme

    Anyone can suggest a wordpress theme with responsive full screen image slider front page?
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    Wordpress remove site url

    Can anybody tell me how to stop wordpress from adding the site url before links?
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    Gallery with slideshows and effects

    I am searching for a script like imagevue for a gallery with slideshows and effects. The reason is that their new v3 script is going backwards instead of forward, not to mention not working correctly. Please don't suggest image sharing scripts like chevereto. Any scripts that you might think...
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    Domain names suggestions

    I am making a forum, something like this but with more stuff and some differences, basically a webmasters forum. I have the forum script, hosting and theme. The difficult part is the domain name. I was considering one of these and wanted your opinion. I tried domain name generators already...
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    Hiring PSD to Joomla template.

    I need someone to code the psd for a joomla template. Anyone interested please post here or send me pm. Thank you.
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    EU or XYZ

    I prefer .com. But when its taken there's nothing else to do than check other tlds. I want to know your opinion on these two: .eu or .xyz. Please vote and also comment on the reason or reasons of your vote. Thank you for all the feedback.
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    Hiring Code joomla template

    Want someone to code a psd joomla template. If interested please post here or send me pm. Thank you.
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    Hiring Chevereto Template

    I wanted a template for Chevereto. I need it unique and sexy yet simple. My budget is under $100. Anyone interested please reply.
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    Best Cloud Storage

    I am searching for a reliable cloud storage, just for backup purposes. Would like your suggestions backed by your honest experience with the one suggested. If you haven't tried it, then please do not post. I can always make a Google search to know what services are available. The reason I made...
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    LilithHost.Com - 1Gbps Port - Offshore VPS - From €10.99/Mo (NL, Uk, FR)

    Now we are offering VPS hosting too at incredible prices, blazing performance and amazing service. Features: Secured client area - securing rest of website too. 24/7 Support through tickets. 99.9% uptime. Full Root Access. Install anything you like. Dedicated IP Location = Netherland, United...
  14. S - SeedBox / Rapidleech 1Gbps+ Unmetered from €16.99 (NL,UK,FR)

    For now we are only offering virtual private server seedboxes. Features: Secured client area - securing rest of website too. Rutorrent and Deluge File Transfer - FTP / SFTP Rapidleech (on request) Torrents - Unlimited 24/7 Support through tickets 99.9% uptime SSH root access. Install anything...
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    Rutorrent errors

    Reinstalled rutorrent, did server restart but still receiving same errors. This was working fine for 4 weeks, then errors appeared. Rutorrent seems to continue working perfectly. Anyone can tell me what these errors mean: [31.10.2013 21:03:49] Bad response from server: (500 [error,list]) Link...
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    Streaming video hosting

    Searching for good and fast video hosting for streaming videos on my website. Important: Must allow adult videos. No encoding or HD encoding.
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    Multi server video streaming

    Anyone can tell me any wordpress plugin for multi server streaming of videos? I want to upload videos to different servers, like the clipbucket multi server plugin. The videos uploaded will be streamed from my servers or can be downloaded.
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    Hiring Design Joomla Template

    I want to hire someone to make me a Joomla template. Anyone interested please send me a pm for details. Price is not an issue as long as its a great template and I am satisfied with it. :)
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    Other Want great seedbox.

    I want a good seedbox for personal use. I have tried many and they are all terrible. The only good one there was seems to have problems with paypal payments. Price is not a problem. Download and upload speeds are the most important thing for me. Minimum space 400gb. Please only suggest from...
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    Hiring Template flash logo

    Want to hire someone for mybb template flash logo. Only need the logo.
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