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  1. businessmaker23

    Selling the domain -

    Hi, people I offer for sale the domain for Rubbish Less. Information about it: Website: Platform: Wordpress Traffic: 50/ 60 monthly visitors Domain Age: About 2 years Profit: None if there is not an established business. *The domain is suitable for people with an...
  2. businessmaker23

    Selling Removals and Storage website for sale.

    Hey, everyone. I am selling a website going after the name Mega Removals in the removal and storage niche in London, UK. The site is Wordpress based, has good design, it is well optimized and ranks straightforwardly to some these keywords in the UK search engines: Removals Belsize Park, House...
  3. businessmaker23

    What is linking building?

    Link-building is a must when it comes to Off-Page SEO. It is all the links that are pointing to your website on other sites, so they must be quality websites. And all links must no be marked as spam, so find your niche, comment, help, ask, but don't post too much with the links. With some good...
  4. businessmaker23

    I am selling site for rubbish removal services.

    I have this Rubbish Removal Website called Frank Rubbish Removal for sale. Since we don't work together with our previous client, who used the domain, the site is ready to get a reasonable offer. It is simply perfect for anyone in the waste management niche or the ones who are now starting in...
  5. businessmaker23

    How to increase the key followers on instagram?

    The growing hype for Instagram is changing both media and business models, so i do want to ask you if you have experience in managing a Insta business profile in which you sell something to people who are interested in the product or service? I have small local coffee shop and of course it has...
  6. businessmaker23

    Using Facebook's paid services ?

    Hi, webmasters. I am currently managing two Facebook pages for small local shops in my country, so i am writing content, posting videos, links to their website, uploading info, the regular stuff, etc. I want to know how effective is the paid advertising on Facebook and especially boosted...
  7. businessmaker23

    Improving SEO with backlinks ?

    Hello, i am new to SEO, working in the field for a couple of months now, so how can i use backlinks to boost the ranking of a website ? Any specific ways to do it? Share your experience.
  8. businessmaker23

    Host for my starting website

    Hello, everyone, Can you prefer some trustworthy host for my new website?
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