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    Hiring ORACLE Work

    Let me get straight to the point . I need someone who can do simple Oracle Work . Just to insert query and take out the output of it [Screenshot Work] Example : Need this Work to be done in 6hr . Payment Via PayPal , MoneyBooker
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    Which Car Brand You like ?

    Peeps Which Car you like Most if it is not in the list , Then Just Write the name Below . Do mentioned your Dream Car Name also PS : Fun ========= I Love Beemer BMW 320D
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    Hiring Designing Website on Survey's

    i need someone who can make website on Survery . i will give him Ques and he has to make up the website on it and add ques into it which i will give him . Just You have to make an API so i can get Track Record of those Survey data to me JUst Need this much . Amount not yet decide come up...
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    Hiring Need a MS Excel Expert

    Hello, I need to get a small project done on MS Excel and capture the project in step by step screenshots on MS Word. If you know MS Excel very well and can complete this project within 24 hours, leave me a PM or post your reply below. Payment: 25$ by Paypal.
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    Video Maker

    Hi Wjunction's Member I want someone who can make a video which will includes few images and songs [ Images slides and my messages Comes and go] . Just in simple words . Movie maker work with my Few pics . I need good work Payment will be in LR or PayPal 15-25$ Post your...
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    Microsoft Excel Content Writing

    Need someone who can do this kinda Project Which involve simple basic knowledge of Microsoft Word + Excel And Project Has to be complete within 2.3hr from now onwards Project as Follows price for this project is 20-25$ Via PayPal , Libertyreserve Regards Deep,j1
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    Manhattan U.S. Attorney And FBI Assistant Director-In-Charge Announce Additional Arre USER GOT BUSTED NIKHIL KOLBEKAR a/k/a N1kh1l, a/k/a [email protected], a/k/a Rapid, a/k/a Gh0sT, a/k/a HellsAngel 12 Mag. 1566 Mumbai, India 29 Conspiracy to commit computer hacking (10 years) Computer hacking (10 years) Trafficking in passwords (5 years)...
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    US Security Firm Stratfor Hit By ‘Anonymous’, Clients Credit Cards ,Passwords Stolen

    US Security Firm Stratfor Hit By ‘Anonymous’, Clients Credit Cards And Passwords Stolen The hacking group “Anonymous†on Sunday Christmas claimed it has stolen thousands of credit card numbers and personal information of clients of the U.S. based security think-tank Stratfor and...
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    Moneybookers Issue

    Hey I am facing some Problem.. With My moneybooker..that i created Account first time... in money booker.. and i put ALL my forex Exchange/ Stocks funds Here in MB ... Then i was trying to exchange that money .. MB ask me for dob which i put the wrong .. how to come upon with this issue...
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    ArpitPaltani Birthday'

    Request You to all mods please don't lock or delete my thread , its for my friendship with my best friend Arpit paltani Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Dear Friend Arpit paltani Dear Members, today is my bestest friend's birthday on net, and i request you to all please wish him a very very...
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    Buying Project On DDos

    hello Today I created this thread !!! I need something urgent But that work must be done in GOOD Quality Now Listen What i need I need that Some make me a Project on DDos Nice project : with illustrative Images Clear description Only made in Word pad [As it will be used for a personal...
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    Xrumer Is Best For DDL Site

    sorry Closed it or thrash it CLosed this topic
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    Apple - The New MacBook Air

    The New MacBook Air
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    Make Your Laptop Screen Transparent

    You may say it’s impossible but everything is possible with creativity. Here are detailed instructions on how to do it
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    Kristina - World’s Prettiest Russian Hacker? A group of students from the New York University were arrested in the USA on suspicion of 3 million dollars theft from American banks and 9.5 million from British ones. One of the hackers...
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    Pirate Party Leader and Anti-Piracy Boss Clash in Twitter Fight

    Twitter can be a great tool to keep friends and total strangers updated on your life, to gather support for a cause or to pass on interesting content. However, as became apparent yesterday, the micro-blogging service is also an excellent medium for a fight off between people on different...
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    Lawyer: BREIN Anti-Piracy Spy Uploaded Pirated Movie To Usenet

    In the legal battle between Usenet community FTD and Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, some controversial allegations have been made. There are claims that not only did BREIN have as many as 15 undercover investigators working at FTD masquerading as regular users, but one of them allegedly a...
  18. D Debuts Lightweight Tracker For Its 5 Million Peers

    Despite being a private community of music fanatics, operates one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. Recently, the site’s users were silently transferred to a new tracker. Named Ocelot, the new and improved tracker is one of the most efficient around and to...
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    Leading Anti-Piracy Outfit Sold To US Fraud and Brand Protection Firm

    DtecNet has been one the worlds leading anti-piracy monitoring companies for some time. Utilized extensively by the international music and movie industries to track users on BitTorrent and other file-sharing networks, the company has its base in Denmark. That now appears set to change with...
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    1 Song Dedicated To All Nations:

    I am searching You tube video . I found this video this really awesome .... only dedicated to spread peace , love and harmony : This You tube Song Where is the Love: link : <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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