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    Where did everyone go?

    Just grew out of the warez and webmaster scene.
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    My Success story and Wjunction Part

    Congrats Raza! All the best for the future. :P
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    How to make forum become popular?

    With forums, you really need to prioritize two things: getting guests to visit your forum, and making sure they stick around. The first can be achieved through good content and promotion on social media, most forums don't struggle with getting at least some real humans looking at their site. The...
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    Windows 7 vs Windows 8, Which is best for you?

    Windows 8.1 user here. The speed and security improvements are worth upgrading for. You can buy something like Start8 to restore the start menu and configure windows to boot straight into desktop so you won't have to deal with Metro.
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    Topic Explaining Reputation?

    I had falsely inflated stars, why would I? Please don't make this about me, the point I'm trying to make is that setting up a system in which stars are earned through posts, and then going and arbitrarily assigning yourselves the hardest to earn star undermines the system and makes y'all look...
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    Topic Explaining Reputation?

    Would you please explain this? You don't have 10,000 posts, so the star system is lying to me, that's not cool.
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    Hackers Bypass Apple’s Touch ID With Lifted Fingerprint

    The official release from the Chaos Computer Club (seriously?) is a much better read.
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    iOS 7 Bug Lets Anyone Bypass iPhone's Lockscreen To Hijack Photos, Email, Or Twitter

    This implies that Apple doesn't put new OS's through any automated testing. By automated testing I mean a program that sits on top of the OS and tries thousands of combinations of user actions and logs the results, essentially mimicking what this security researcher did. This vulnerability was...
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    The BitCoin Prophecy

    Sorry for the bump. This is an interesting discussion and I really wanted to contribute to it. In answer to your question, it's valuable because other people agree it's valuable. You can question why people consider them to be valuable, the same as you could for why gold is considered...
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    Need a coder for a picasaweb script to play videos in jw player - HTML website

    While not exactly like the Dailymotion example you posted, JWPlayer does support multiple subtitle tracks right out of the box, no doubt it works well enough on both desktop and mobile browsers. You need to find a better place to store the MP4/FLV files. Picasa seems to be screwing with the...
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    I wouldn't buy one, at least not right now, they're still too expensive. As for Tesla's stock price, you shouldn't take it too seriously. The thing has been trading like a 90's internet stock ever since they announced those quarterly profits, which were the result of some dubious accounting.
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    New Features/Updates/Activity

    M, you should sell this website before it's too late. Let's be honest, most of the quality members joined when the Katz guys ran this place, usually through KatzForums/ Ever since Katz shutdown, the people that register tend to be uploaders or those weird non-English speaking people...
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    New video from PSY - 32M views in 24h !!

    I enjoyed the video more than I enjoyed the music.
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    High risk, high profit

    What are the odds that I end up on an earth-like planet with attractive aliens? That might change things. But no, taking on a risk like that in exchange for $1M doesn't seem wise. That's just purely based on the 20% chance of certain death and what one can buy with $1M. Things are probably...
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    WJ Hacked :(

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    WJ Hacked :(

    Shit, this is terrible.
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