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  1. DeadInside

    Streaming Anime

    Hi, What a noob like me should know before starting this, i'll tell you what i'll do. i'll download datalife engine and create a customise theme, found offshore server. obey to seo rules and only target the freshest anime then upload them. then comeback here when i have an average traffic and...
  2. DeadInside

    Mastodon Community

    Hi, MASTODON is an offshore twitter: link: mastodonlink Do yall guys think that the streaming/porn/blackhat community need a mastodon ? i'm hesitating to doing one, where y'all could talk and backlink/share your webservices. Kind regards
  3. DeadInside

    HI !

    :smirk_cat: Hi, i'm on a journey to make an adult content website. i was looking the architecture of a porn website then i searched on google some link from this website and this forum appeared. i'm generally chilling on BHW, but there isnt that much ppl with a dev background there. i'm a...
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