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    Premium - Streaming & Download Platform With Affiliate Program

    What about stop fucking complaining and let them do their job? At this moment every fucking host has problems because everyone is migrating, it takes a lot of work to make everything run smoothly. And here you are, being a little twat spreading negativity. you're not helping yourself neither the...
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    VeryStream Discussion

    ahahhahah I fucking warned you guys!
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    If i was verystream i wouldn't even pay this guys! You upload like 10tb of content and keep asking for 10$ payments, AND STILL CRY, thats fookin absurd! i would ban you if i were verystream hahaha
  4. J

    Yeah, but its not because of them :( its because of verystream! I'm trying to import to other Host's and they say verystream is super slow right now, it takes 20 minutes to import everywhere. I have 100mbps internet, and it takes 30 minutes to download a 600mb file..
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    Damn... This is making me feel like wjunction owners are the same from openload verystream etc...
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    i'm working with mixdrop now. I've tried but the owner doesn't give me support so i stopped
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    I'm not using this shit anymore, but i was noticing and they deleted thousands of my files (not dmca) They are losing servers. You're losing content and you don't know about it!
  8. J - HLS Streaming | DMCA Ignored | $5 Min Payout | Daily Payments | Up to $40/10k

    Don't lie! Obviously you are trying to steal users from other hosts! received a PM too Btw, your host sucks, super slow!
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    This is a cyclic market, as long as they pay me, i'm there. There is literally NO good old host. openload -> dead as fuck rapidvideo -> thinks he's new york with 1239089 ads At least mixdrop has the fastest streaming i've seen in a long time. even at peak times. anyway. i have 4 host's right...
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    thank god i'm already using other host, if i still was only on verystream my site would be dead! Save yourselves guys! Fuck verystream! Mixdrop and google cloud for the win!
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    Since when its illegal to give support? go say that to a court :beer:
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    Millennium can't do shit! As long as they respond to DMCA notices, they aren't doing anything illegal!
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    Yup! They haven't cared in months, changing the host saved my site! I'm so glad i changed it at a good time
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    I found out about the host mixdrop and moved everything some weeks ago, you guys have no idea what you're losing! Only thing i know is that it's paying 3x more and the servers are super fast, my users are loving it!
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    No one cared when I said what would happen, good luck everyone
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    I'm not talking about Ads, i'm talking about DNS blocks, and is already blocked in dozes of internet providers worldwide and they don't provide a new domain! Because of that, i lost 40% of my traffic from google. They also don't respond to anyone. I don't even care...
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    To everyone using verystream! Be careful if your traffic comes from google!! Because of their domain blocks all over the world people leave you site fast and you get penalized! If verystream if your main player you will just lose money! Migrate while yo can!
  18. J

    lool, still no new domain, really considering stop using verystream. If they aren't capable of taking care of this, what would happen on a bigger problem?
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    They don't respond to anything... Their domain is blocked on 70% of the brazillian traffic and they do nothing, it just takes a 10 minute new domain configuration. Whatever, i'm not using this shit again
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    This is all going down guys! Start migrating to another host, clearly verystream doesn't have experience to work long term..
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