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  1. D - Service Closed

    Welcome to WJ No API for developer?
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    60 days
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    I don't think makes fun of you. Unfortunately it is the fault of the network advertisers, like popcash etc.. it is a job that the manager of these networks must do.
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    PropellerAds Ad Network | Banners, Popunders, Mobile (Official Thread)

    I have used many networks in my career as a webmaster and publisher. Popads, admaven, adsterra, including propellerads. What can you say about this network? is the worst network. - Very bad support - CPM 0.30 the lowest there is even if my traffic is organic (on average my CPM EU is 0.70 with...
  6. D - Fast Encoding - Fast Streaming

    Upload Servers are busy at the moment. Please come back after sometime. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I work with DDL from the opening. The administrator is always available, I don't care that you pay with the PPD. My users are very fond of I hope you become as big as a zippyshare
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    Best cryptocurrency wallet. Your choice.

    Ledger Nano 100% security
  9. D | 360p,480p,720p,1080p | HLS | API | Subtitles | Torrent | Daily Payouts | 35$/10k

    "Forgot password ?" It has not yet been solved :face_palm:
  10. D - HLS Streaming | DMCA Ignored | $5 Min Payout | Daily Payments | Up to $40/10k

    {"msg":"Invalid operation","server_time":"2019-06-14 19:37:28","status":400} Problem Api clone upload
  11. D Discussion thread

    Do you have proof? My friends use it and get paid, maybe your traffic is fake
  12. D - Video/MP3/Image/File - Up to 40$/10k - Unlimited Speed - No Premium Acc

    They use is their pop up system is not their fault
  13. D - File Hosting | DMCA Ignored | Upto $40/10k | Daily Payouts

    Hi, Clone File not working Software error: Can't exec: Unknown column 'file_title' in 'field list' at Modules/ line 80. For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([email protected]), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.
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    Hi, Fix it Many of my files have this problem
  16. D Discussion thread

    Hi all webmaster & uploader Since an thread of the site has never been created. What do you think?
  17. D - File Hosting | DMCA Ignored | Upto $40/10k | Daily Payouts Reply to the PM API no working {"msg":"Invalid key","server_time":"2019-05-25 19:56:46","status":400}
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