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  1. Zyvhk


    Greetings, Lag first opened during Summer 2017, but we had to pause the project due to schedule limitations. Forums reopened today; reviews would be helpful and very welcome. Here's a simple presentation of Lag, how it works and other interesting informations. Thank you in advance for your...
  2. Zyvhk

    LAG - Gaming Community | Looking for an administrator

    Greetings, Before going straight to the point, I'd like to clarify one or two things about this project. Lag's been first launched 7 months ago. The community was slowly growing, but we had to take a break out of it due to inactivity of both of us (my teammate and I). Recently, we've decided...
  3. Zyvhk

    Hello there.

    Greetings everyone, I was looking for a board on which I could look for staff and ended up here. I'm quite impressed by the fact that Wjunction is using XenForo when nothing looks like it. (tldr; loving the customization) I'm a 19 years-old french guy that's been into gaming for a while now...
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