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  1. E | $8/1000 Full Views | 20% referrals

  2. E | DMCA Ignored | HLS Over-Air - Up to $30/10k - Long term with stability

    You need to increase thumbnail video quality, the screen looks bad even with HD videos as source. Placing the embed code to website who offers HD videos making the website like joking. 1581409708 Okay found the solution Disable screenlist image will help you get better quality snapshot. Another...
  3. E | $8/1000 Full Views | 20% referrals

    Pending more than 4 days! 1581243679 Received the payment after waiting MORE THAN 4 DAYS! This service payment time is getting longer 1581514311 Another payout delayed more than 4 days, and if you check thread on BMF community there are members who have been waiting their payment...
  4. E

    Selling Google Drive Suite - $15 - Unlimited Storage -- Custom Username - Not EDU - Lifetime - Safe

    I ordered 2 accounts from @fastrapidleec and I can say this man is a very good seller. - Fast process - Patiently answer buyer questions - And very friendly
  5. E First Anti-Dmca Link generator

    Could you explain more details how do you guys handle the bill if this service offering for free? Also about this point: "the main point is that links never get deleted because our smart script detects reported/deleted links and fix them in a matter of seconds, this means your links can stay...
  6. E - DMCA Ignored - HD Vids - Clean Ads - Fastest Payout - Oldest host, SINCE 2016

    Cannot create a new account There are something wrong with the recaptcha, it stuck on loading for a few second then nothing happened.
  7. E - Trouble free file sharing! Wowzers! It’s super easy!

    I registered to this site because there are some files I need to download from. I don't always log into the website especially after my premium membership expired. Few month later when I try to login to the site there are text inform me that my account has been banned.
  8. E | link shortener | $6/1.000 | no adult ads| PP BTC WMZ | 10% referrals

    Are you gonna close this service? There are service to boost earning from url shortener by adding multiple paid url shortener and working with rotation. I'm looking to recommended your service and shorten but I see z2i will closed on jan 2020 so I just recommended them shorten last month.
  9. E | link shortener | $6/1.000 | no adult ads| PP BTC WMZ | 10% referrals

    How could I make a payout request with paypal? you don't even return the balance to my account, just let it pending like that. I have change my payment processor to paypal and then what next?
  10. E | $8/1000 Full Views | 20% referrals

    Payment received yesterday! thank you
  11. E | link shortener | $6/1.000 | no adult ads| PP BTC WMZ | 10% referrals

    What is your service payment frequency exactly (especially for Webmoney) ? daily, weekly or monthly ? From the post that I read in this thread, the payment date is uncertain.
  12. E | $8/1000 Full Views | 20% referrals

    I know this service from beermoney forum with info daily payment. I got my first payment just in less than 24h so I concluded its "daily payment" then my 2nd, 3rd, 4th payout request still delay till right now (from 11 nov 2019). I have contact support from web dashboard but you know what ...
  13. E - PPD (30 EUR) & PPS (60% inital sale /50% rebill)

    Cannot upload anything today, somthing is wrong with the server.
  14. E Buy Admin Encoding RDP, 10Gbps RDP, Private RDP From 6/Month(NL|FR|DE)

    I bought 1 PRIVATE RDP form AwesomeRDP, in my first day the server was down two times already! and to make the server up I need to contact support via TICKET, because seems like they don't monitoring the server. THE PROBLEM IS AWESOME RDP STAFF HAVE TOO MANY HOLIDAY SCHEDULE, YOU NEED TO WAIT...
  15. E

    Streamin.To - Video Hosting | Earn up to $45/10k | Monthly Contests

    Uploaded 20 video today, after process done. all of my videos can not be played. Server not found rtmpt://
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    Cloudshares - Earn 75% PPS and 60% recurring forever incl free marketing plans

    Payment still pending until right now??? 20 jan 2016 - 23 jan 2016
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    Cloudshares - Earn 75% PPS and 60% recurring forever incl free marketing plans

    Yeah,, btw dont know why after I post on her my sales run again. btw I've send payout request today. Username: audrey
  18. E

    Cloudshares - Earn 75% PPS and 60% recurring forever incl free marketing plans

    Problem with payment processor still not fixed ? cz my sales has gone since 2016-01-12
  19. E - News, Announcements and Support.

    Login page down since 2 days ago!! plz fix it as soon as possible.
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