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  1. Y | Up To $5 Per 1K Views | Daily Payments | Adult | Subtitles | Since 2011

    Do you have plans to support it in the future?
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    Streamin.To - Video Hosting | Earn up to $45/10k | Monthly Contests

    Whats the maximum quality you encode videos?
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    Streamin.To - Video Hosting | Earn up to $45/10k | Monthly Contests

    The width and height parameters in the embed code dont work and the player doesnt adapt to containers. Please fix this, it doesnt happen with other videohosts with the same script you are using. I cant use your host until you fix this because the player overlaps the container of my site and the...
  4. Y -Buy Cheap RDP | SSD RDP | 10Gbps RDP | Encoding RDP | Private RDP

    Im only been using it for 1 week but so far an excellent RDP for only 6 bucks. No lag, no frequent reboots, very few users per server = good quality and fast port speed and fast computers in general. Very pleased with the service at this time, I will keep paying if everything stay like this.
  5. Y Buy Admin Encoding RDP, 10Gbps RDP, Private RDP From 6/Month(NL|FR|DE)

    How many users do you assing per server in France Basic 25GB? Do you have a refund policy?
  6. Y Instant Setup,64GB RAM,Encoding/Normal,1 Gbps,50Gb Plan, $3.99 (FR)

    Ok I tried this RDP (the $4 plan) for two months. It is cheap, and it works OK. But be aware, if you use the cheapest plan (dont know about the others) you get what you pay. They assign 30-35 users per server. The connection speed is OK, sometimes its normal, sometimes it is slow. The RDP gets...
  7. Y | up to $52/10K streams or downloads - Unlimited Speed | Fast payment

    My traffic will come from Youtube but shortening with adfly, shortest, etc. If you ask me where the traffic comes, is it enough to tell it comes from Youtube or do I have to give you the links of where the traffic comes from?
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    Any video host that offers 720p? Dont care about earnings.

    Looks good, I will try it, thanks. If there's others please keep it coming. __________________ Added after 3 minutes: Good option, will see, Im preferring free service because Im short of money for now, but I will take it into account for future.
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    Any video host that offers 720p? Dont care about earnings.

    Hello, Im looking for a good videohost with low ads and that it let you upload at least 720p videos, like Openload, Videomega. I dont care what it pays, I could even accept no earnings. Im monetizing in other ways, I just care about good video quality and user experience. If there's any...
  10. Y Discussion

    I dont know if videowood admin will see this message, but can you lower the popups and ads for the videos in my account? Its insane, you get one or two popups every time you click in the player anywhere, Ive never seen that amount of ads in any other videohost. I dont care if you cut my...
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