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    Website and Internet Services - What do you charge?

    Hi, I'm trying to give a reality check for my friend about the cost of Web Design, web maintenance, Internet research and other services. In a sense I'm out of touch with the current trends myself. Four questions: How much do you / would you charge per hour for: 1) Internet Research: Using...
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    Thought problem in physics

    Did anyone watch the video?
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    Youtube clone site

    What country are you from? Depending upon your country the cost to set up a site like YouTube might be more than your country's national budget. It's not just a matter of building a site...
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    Wealth inequality in America

    NOT just America - but the world. I am to Bill Gates / Carlos Slim as Bill Gates / Carlos Slim is to the Rothchilds. They are the only Trillionaires. They own approx 50% of the entire wealth of the Planet! What's wrong with THAT picture?
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    What is the best trilogy of all time?

    Best Trilogy I have ever read was: Double Exposure It edged out the Lord of the Rings for me. I read it in one sitting back in 1981 (3 books) around 1186 pages or close to it, in about 7 1/2 hours. I could not put it down. Sadly it could never be made into a movie (here in the USA) and keep...
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    Thought problem in physics

    This is a pretty good explanation.
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    What really happened on 09/11/2001 (911)

    Astonishing! Many of the responses here are great! I watched those buildings go up. My next door neighbor was a construction worker. I was in the city many times looking at the site. You can't get a sense of how massive these buildings were without being inside them. To say...
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    Do you like your country government?

    The USA is becoming more Fascist every day. World wide we need to come together as a group of like minded people. Here are a few of hundreds of videos that I could recommend.
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    Hi there!

    Hi everybody. Good to be here. Want to know something sad? I was one of the first people on the World Wide Web back in 1991; then I mess my life up, spent 9 years 'away' and in all that time i've never made one penny on the Internet. Wouldn't even know where to start or how to start. I...
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