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    Need Help with Nginx Configuration

    first gues is that you are running out of php processes? let's increase the max_children in /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf in the example it was changed to 75
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    Invalid SSL certificate

    vulnurable for DROWN-Attack and POODLE-Attacks
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    Invalid SSL certificate

    Hi, unfortionately your ssl-certificate is expired (and your settings are a little bit troublesome) can you please take a look? Thanks :) ->
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    FTP on Ubuntu 16.04

    that's relativly easy to achive :) edit your /etc/vsftpd.conf search for local_umask if it's commented out, enable it it should then look like this: local_umask=022 additionaly you can comment in / modify chmod_enable=YES file_open_mode=0755 after a restart of the vsftpd it should now...
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    VPS for legal & illegal projects

    Chatted with their support. a max of 100GB per month traffic is all you will get.
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    [] - Fast SSD VPS in Europe| From 2.10 $ 1GB RAM, 30-DAYS MONEY BACK

    Hi, just a quick question: if i choose the VPS-3 Package with the 100Mbit line, i'm theoretically be able to push 33TB of data. is this okay for you?
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    FTP on Ubuntu 16.04

    have you opened your firewall (if present) have you tried adding local ftp-users? a relatively good tutorial is this one: what does sysstemctl says? - check the status systemctl...
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    Streaming from windows VPS - sound problem

    what tools are you using for streaming? Windows should always at least install some internal Sound-thingy. Perhaps you "just" have to switch this in your software?
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    Cloudflare Business - Railgun - does anyone use it?

    i've tested it for about a month. As for me, I haven't seen a faster response. There could be a slightly better caching, but this also could have been some other problem. The Pro and even the free-plan normaly works quite well. An Update on the page will result in the change at no time. CF...
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    Always getting Server error on Webmaster Tools

    if it's "only" a 522-Error that means, that the request can't be handeled. Mainly that's because of one of the following problems: * the server is totally overloaded, so that he can't answer fast enough (not enough io, ram, etc. so swapping, timeouts etc.) * your script is bogus and creates...
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    help installing windows server

    just a windows-installation without the windows gui. Seems like a normal windows server core installation for me. start the servermanager (just type it) and install "User interfaces and Infrastructure" under features - do a reboot. You now should have the "normal" GUI.
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    how i can allow multi users logins in windows server 2012 ?

    as per default you only got 2 sessions. to use more, you have to install the "Remote Desktop Services Session Host" role. Unfortunately you then need extra CAL-Licences (you have 120days "demo" after installing the role)
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    SQL - Need to update thousands of posts - Updating a paticular part of my post

    if you know your old "text" and you have the new one. just do a replace UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, '<oldlink>', '<newlink>') WHERE ID <=4 if you are sure all your links will only apply one time, you can skip the where clause. if not, use it :)
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    Which Device Should I have for Connecting 2 Rack from 2 Different Data Center

    easiest thing i can think of is to use a cdn. Just buy a server somewhere in the internet und push your content to the CDN. Voila - fast network (though probably a bit expensive. the other way: setup a file-sync and a mysql-cluster. For reading they should use the local connection, so it's...
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    help with ssh tunneling

    add another listening-port to your server like 443 (this shouldn't be blocked) Then you can e.g. setup a socks proxy through this ssh-connection. look here: How to create an SSH tunnel using Putty and using that tunnel as a Firefox SOCKS proxy
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