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    Ads on my Website

    yes there are many , adsence Amazon etc
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    Should I Try Adsense alternative

    Adsense reject my application for insufficient content . site belongs from india . what should i do now . re apply for adsense after some time. or try alternative. and what is best alternative for indian.
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    What Means google webmaster Target country

    i changed my target country to india . because my content belongs for india . but what really means Target country . is my site will not show on search on other countery
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    How long does it take to recovering ranking in Google?

    use trusted hosting service . and ranking on search engine is daily race
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    Website traffic !!!

    u can also try website branding , based on impression . and cheaper then ppc
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    How much time takes to google crawls a website?

    submit a sitemap, and fetch google bot
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    PTP earn money!

    yes this seems scam
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    How much will you pay for 1000 impressions?

    indian adword price for 1000 impression is rs 20. = 0.4$ approx
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    how to change sidebar title text and background color

    how to change sidebar title text and background color. anyone can ex-plane in detail
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    Google Adsense RPM

    What Is RPM?
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    looking for windows vps

    search indian hosting service , these are very cheap and good
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    All in One Seo Question

    use google webmaster __________________ Added after 6 Days 19 Hours: use google webmaster and submit sitemap. and which page u dont want index use robot.txt
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    Create Your Own Android App for Your WooCommerce Store

    is this work for simple wordpress site
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    Send Wordpress posts to Twitter plugin?

    Social Networks Auto Poster , you can post many social network
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    what template using this site?

    you can buy directly ,
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