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  • The blog is integrated into the DDL's database. That should not be affected at all.

    I'm not sure, I will have to take a look at what needs to be done first. I'm estimating about $50 max. DarkDDL was using the same database as DDL0, therefore a lot of the code was removed/edited, I'll need to re-code everything to allow DarkDDL to work as a standalone DDL.
    I have had an offer for $150 but the person still hasnt got back to me on that. I am happy to sell it for $120, but since it was using DDL0's database it will not work without major changes to the backend. If you know how to do that yourself then thats fine but if you need me to to it, I'll need to charge extra as it will take a lot of my time.
    I still have it, had two people who were interested in buying it but they still havent got back to me. The main site (darkddl.com) was a standard DDL site running WCDDL and the blog (darkddl.com/blog/) was a custom-coded module for WCDDL - I had to customize it to look exactly like the DDL site itself.

    Interested in buying it?
    Yup, DarkDDL did have a blog alongside the DDL, the site is down now.

    Why do you ask?
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