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    Hi bro, been a long time, just wanted to let you know Gabe passed away :-(

    Hi bro, been a long time, just wanted to let you know Gabe passed away :-(
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    Captcha thing sign up/forgot password broken

    I was locked out :((((
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    Hmm, I exported it and saved it with every option I could find, the last option exported as a premiere pro project, I think that would probably be the most likely to work as the website you bought it from suggested that despite premiere pro not working for me...
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    First E-Mail I sent said this: Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found or is unable to receive email. Tried again, unsure if it went through or not.. Also sceptical the encoder will work as that is what I tried but I don't have the time...
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    I've spent like 2 hours with Premiere Pro and now After Effects, After Effects seems to be more likely to actually be able to edit it but when I went to render it adobes encoder gave me an error, honestly sick of this shit now lol, spliff time, back tonight probably... Was expecting to do it in...
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    Meh pirating has failed me, I am downloading the trial version and will hopefully be able to edit something with that... I'll need to know what text you want in and where you want it too
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    I can't get premiere pro working, tried a couple different torrents so far.. Upload to a filehost and send on here if you can.. I'll be back later to try and get premiere working
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    I'll download and install and try to help will have to wait until little one is asleep will do asap Are you able to send me template via pm? Just saw template is meant for premier pro cc
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    Wedding Background Video for TV

    If you have adobe after effects this is real easy can even search for a free premade template and just change the text.. Sorry I can't be of more use but man congrats on the wedding!! <3
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    Curious if this is allowed here?

    I was tempted to create and sell a YouTube tutorial but it seems even when telling people how to do it the exact same way more or less that I did, for free, they still couldn't do it. I also didn't like the idea of being accused as a scammer or such, but I agree with the other comment regarding...
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    Is protein shake effective?

    I use a food masticator to convert my .vegetable files into .juices format. Organic kale, spinach, broccoli, peppers, chilli, onion, garlic and other green stuff I can find. I agree with the protein thing being gimmicky unless you intend on gaining weight and converting that into muscle mass...
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    Introducing - WJunction X

    I'm liking it, and I never liked the people at vbulletin, so double win, really missing my chatbox though
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    Best Movie Ever watched?

    Equilibrium, because it's loosely based around my life. [pokerface]
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    Torrent website

    OP Hasn't posted in 7 months, safe to assume he has solved this issue or forgot about it. [pokerface]
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    Problem with Website

    Someone is copying your posts and getting listed higher maybe? Cant check as on my phone :-(
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