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    GoCreateMe Hosting - $2.25/mo Shared Hosting Unlimited!

    I'm using their services currently for my novel website. They are actually pretty decent for the amount their charging. They answer all tickets within the hour usually unless its a weekend, The cons would be their live support is never on though at least when i check they are never on. I think...
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    Need Something better than Wordpress? Any Suggestions?

    So I have a Novel translation website with several works already and I currently using wordpress as a cms to serve my translations. Recently I noticed that Wordpress is slightly slower than normal. I've read on several novel forums that the big translation like wuxiaworld or gravity tales, and...
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    What Best Methods to Get Traffic to our Website?

    Should also install ssl into your website, apparently your rank in google will go lower if you don't have it.
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    What are you currently playing?

    Only Playing two games and they both on mobile.... Rise of Civilizations and PubG Mobile.... Havn't played computer games in while since WOW warlords came out.
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