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  • friend i need help i did not ask for a payment, i need you to cancel it urgently i left you the ID: 2284, please do not pay to that paypal account
    1879 Z142046539898 webmoney Payout of 42.79 $ on 23.01.2018 21:58 Rejected

    please send paymnt btc


    1842 Payout of 35.1 $ on 14.01.2018 01:39 Requested
    1843 Payout of 22.61 $ on 14.01.2018 01:41 Requested
    Rapidvideo, Do you think I´m idiot?. Refunded and minimum pay 100$?


    1783 Payout of 10.06 $ on 10.12.2017 00:03 Requested
    1651 Payout of 10.21 $ on 08.10.2017 16:36 Requested
    1756 Payout of 10.2 $ on 02.12.2017 00:48 Requested
    1671 Payout of 10.2 $ on 16.10.2017 22:43 Requested
    1605 Payout of 10.34 $ on 23.09.2017 12:30 On Hold
    Hello. Tell me please, are there any restrictions at the moment for free user What number of files and how many places can I occupy on your server? Are the files deleted in case of inactivity within 30-60 days? In advance thanks for the answer.

    We run a credit card processing group called Collect7. We process only for high end high risk organizations like yourselves. We are working with a few other very large scale organizations already, and we'd love to work out a viable solution for your company.

    We offer cc processing for visa and mastercard based out of North America through Bank of America. Thus we have an outstanding approval rate, and we do not keep any hold. Our fees are flexible based on your minimum daily volume commitment.

    If you're open to discussing further, let's chat over skype. Provide me your skype ID and I will add you right away.


    Hi, what is maximum file size limit at playernaut ? I saw that you support 4K, but those movies are huge, min. 20GB and uploading such a file to your host is impossible.
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