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  • Hello Bro,

    I am having problem with my Server ( with Windows )
    i was created ticket and then i was chatting in wj chats. then i got your user name From User Blaze wo told me to take help from you.

    23:12 BlaZe PremiumRDP about what ?
    23:12 PremiumRdp check my above messege
    23:13 PremiumRdp just 3 before
    23:13 BlaZe Oh it was not for you, it was for shakeass
    23:13 PremiumRdp yes now i understand
    23:14 BlaZe Windows Server Expert is NEC (NewEraCracker) contact him
    23:14 PremiumRdp wow thanks

    As here URL is not allowed also you set to not accept pm.
    so am posting you visitor Messege

    If you have time please look into this. :-

    I have created ticket to :- Server Management Help
    Thread Tittle Is :- Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Help ( DDOS, Security, Creating Logs ) Related

    Thanks In Advance
    Hey "NEC"
    Help me Plz Kindly check this
    Hello can you help me to bypass terminal service on windows server 2008 R2 for 20 users?
    BRB NEC, gotta take a dump oh and btw during easy apache or recompiling remove tomcat as its useless
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