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    French Movie Streaming Site For Sale

    Hi, you need to share the url and proof that you are the owner... good luck
  2. N | Full-HD | HLS | API | Subtitles | Automatic BTC Payouts | 35$/10k

    my dears users, resume to this situation: i asked for my payment in their "prettiest dashboard", 1,5 days later, i asked for payment in their thread. he rejected my payment: guess what is the cause: i asked for payment just after 1,5 days. what a joke. conclusion: stay away from those...
  3. N | Full-HD | HLS | API | Subtitles | Automatic BTC Payouts | 35$/10k

    why you say spamming ? as you know BTC is automatic like you said ?? No, or it is just false marketing ? you just escape from an excuse to another my honey scammer. hehe 1602695748 supposing, payment takes 3 days, and i didn't pay attention to it, is that message will cause rejecting payment ...
  4. N | Full-HD | HLS | API | Subtitles | Automatic BTC Payouts | 35$/10k

    spamming hahahahah you just a scamer shit. I am telling everyone here, to move to another video hosting. i requested payment 2020-10-12 22:16:56 here is time. not the one mentioned scammer. hahahaha
  5. N | Full-HD | HLS | API | Subtitles | Automatic BTC Payouts | 35$/10k

    same thing here, my payment is pending (BTC) since 2020-10-12
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    You can rent me for Coding.

    I added you, sure i will contact you if i need something.
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    Looking for Xvideosharing Developer

    contact sibsoft, they are your best solution.
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    Google fake DMCA

    may be, when i said that google take action is after 10 days with no reply from the dmca sender. (just to be clear)
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    Google fake DMCA

    yes, i agree with you, i used to do that. but i tried many times these last months (last 8 months) no success, sometimes it is like google take action with or without the dmca sender reply.
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    Google fake DMCA

    tried that many times, rates of success is under 20% most of times even the dmca sender didn't respond, google reply no.
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    streaming website review for sale

    what is your question ?
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    Multi-players in your website

    Thanks for your replies, but i am talking about adding movies using videohost like vidoza gounlimited etc,.. how they can upload and add more than link faster ? do you use bots ?
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    Multi-players in your website

    Hi, I want to know the best way and fastest to add multi players to your movie, tv series ? how much time that is take you to add more players for the same movie ? it is good to have one player or multi-players ?
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