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    'Ello There.

    Hello all new comers welcome to WJ forum.
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    i am fine and hope that you also
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    Hi I am Mrkilla23

    Hello every one specially welcome to all new members
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    Which messenger do you use ?

    G talk i mostly use and yes how i forget FB messenger :)
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    What is your favorite section on Wj?

    General Discussion i interesting.
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    Best Movies Ever Made.

    Ahhh quit tough for me as i've lot of names in my good book.
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    What was your first car?

    My first car is Honda City 2002 Model i love it.
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    Hi people

    Wow first new man, long intrro and detail discussion, i like.
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome new buddy :)
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    Do you like your country government?

    A simple answer of a simple question No, i don't like my country government.
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    Should sports be banned?

    Not at all if sports are banned then what happen with match fixers :P
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    Anyone from romania?

    Above to me :P
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    Post Your Desktop 2013

    O man nice desktop images !!! My desktop is Simple black :)
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    Dexter Season 8

    OMG cant wait to see it again . . . Its just awesome.
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    Crazy Designed Houses

    WOwww. . . what a great structures fabulous.
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