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    problem in server files xfilesharing

    hello, i have problem in file server in my site i used xfilsesharing script upload.cgi: ERROR (problems with link) htdocs URL accessibility: ERROR (should see XFS on link)
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    need dedicated for file sharing site .

    hello , i need dedicated servers for storage files in site file sharing server (download/upload) . At lest 4*2 TB Hard Disk 32 GB Ram and good connection and cpu . and unlimited traffic ================================= i have 5 servers from but very bad servers
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    All this from Account of my friend Admin image deleted
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    i am so sorry it is for Friend
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    it is for my Friend
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    you can upload all kind of files . if your files deleted you can keep money also
  7. M Thread Disccusion Thread Disccusion I used this from more than 35 days it is very nice file sharing site paid profit in 24 hours (wmz-paypal-payonner) Please post your replies about it here!
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    Software Error!! Modules/ line 28.

    not solved yet:facepalm: __________________ Added after 13 Hours 53 minutes: uppppppppppppp __________________ Added after 1: uppppppppp __________________ Added after 18 minutes: help me .......
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    Software Error!! Modules/ line 28.

    i have problem in my site Software error: Can't connect to Mysql server. at Modules/ line 28. I cannot figure out how to solve this error, can anybody give me some assistance? Thanks
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