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    how to report a site he upload kids porn

    LOL :)) His friend can make a screenshot to use it for a proof of child abuse.. But in USA such screenshot will mean that his friend is guilty in ch*ld porn viewing (because he found that site and he paid there).
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    how to Start new File Host?

    Obligatorily in Russia or Romania? Why? There are good hosting providers in Russia? )) Or you think if you have servers in Russia you can ignore copyright abuses? :) Not at all absolutely.
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    What is the best trilogy of all time?

    LOTR, definitely! LOTR is epic! Bourne's trilogy is very good also. Ocean's trilogy - imo only first part was great, but the others were bullshit. (( The same about Matrix (first part was great, but other parts not so good).
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    Hello again WJ!

    Hello! Welcome back to WJ! :)
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    Hi All

    Hi! Welcome to WJ! :)
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    New member

    Welcome to WJ!
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    Hi Guy

    Hi Antony! We hope the same! :)
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    Hello from Instabyte!

    Hello, good people! I am Instabyte and I represent myself! Glad to be here! :)
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