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    VPS or Shared hosting ?

    You can choose any and save some time you spent choosing :) With small blogs almost any hosting will work for you.
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    How to get ipv6 on VPS?

    It's up to your provider and you can't do nothing about that yourself. If it's vital for you then you should migrate to the other provider, no other options.
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    hide real server ip using nginix

    Hey You can try use SSH tunneling for that, it could be the easiest way. Take a look here for few examples: https_// I'm using that myself often.
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    Germany Open VZ Linux Server 60% one time discount..with more Addons.

    Price is not so good as at Hetzner!
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    How to block all VPN and Proxy to access your Website under Server?

    You can't do that so far I know. Of course you can try to find existing proxy IP and block it and there are few scripts available for that, but you can block some usual folks with that too.
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    Cant Recieve Mail On New Ip

    You need to check the MX DNS records for your domain first.
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    Dedicated server vs Cloud server

    It's mostly about the budget and your resources needs. Cloud usually cost you more for the same resources but you can be flexible with your server resources and count. Dedicated server can be cheaper but you can't discard it in a minute and request a new tomorrow. So it's up to you.
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    how to dns and make dns record

    It's more like 'tell me what VPN is and how to use it' :) Read a wiki article and narrow down your question here.
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