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    They always don't care about their customers...How's possible FTP doesn't work for months and sales and rebill always down except afew days in a month...I think 3 weeks of the month they shaved our sales and only allow us to earn sale in one weeks even not whole of weeks only a few days...They...
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    I need RevolutionTT tracker Invite

    Its open but they always rejected my apps...
  3. F - Earn 70% of Initial Sales and 70% of Rebills and 5$/1000 PPD! (All In One)

    If this was a temporarily issue they were in touch with us here in every moments from 15 Apr.....So It is better for nitro supoort to be online here and give us specific date for payment....
  4. F - Earn 70% of Initial Sales and 70% of Rebills and 5$/1000 PPD! (All In One)

    I think It would be better for Nitroflare support to tell us about payment and when exactly It will be paid...
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    Need Alpharatio invite or (SBS or DH)

    Hi Is there anybody to give me an alpharatio invite? or superbits and of them I need to find.. This is my IPT ratio and speedtest screenshots... IPT speedtest
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    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    What is fraud sales? every kind of sales have money for owner...So I think fraud sales is new kind of shaving...Nitroflare have this system (fraud sales) and you won't be sure about your sales...because after a few days they will say Its fraud sales and we take that sales from your balance but...
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    RevolutionTT invite

    I need super fast torrent in tv releases...Is there another way beside of private trackers?
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    RevolutionTT invite

    what torrent tracke do you advice...I'll be gratefull...I already have IPT and torrentleech
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    RevolutionTT invite

    I need it for tv shows ...because they release tv shows so faster than others like IPT which is I have it
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    RevolutionTT invite

    I did but they rejected me because of using VPN or something like that
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    RevolutionTT invite

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    RevolutionTT invite

    Hi I need RevolutionTT invite anyone here to offer it to me?
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